Up Close and Not Too Personal Part 2:

Elvira on the joys and challenges of teaching Spanish

When it comes to learning Spanish, language tutors are like angels who patiently guide and coach students into learning, and eventually embracing, the Hispanic language.

Being a language tutor is not an easy job, and it’s not a glamorous one either. But for language tutors like Elvira, it’s a job they do out of a passion to share their knowledge.

Born and raised in Colombia, Elvira had more than a decade (11 years to be exact) of work experience at a bilingual school in her native country before joining The Spanish Group. She has worked with both students who study Spanish and teachers who came from the US to work at their school.

“While growing up, I always felt passion for sharing what I knew with others and helped my struggling peers,” she shared. “As a student in a bilingual school, I learned to love two languages and focused my adult life to work on both languages.”

Elvira, who specializes in elementary Spanish and beginner to intermediate Spanish for teenagers and adults, uses a “learner-centered” approach for teaching. “I consider that students learn best not only by receiving information, but also by analyzing, interpreting and discovering it, she explained. “Students learn at different paces and ways. I like to explore the students’ learning styles and develop lessons based on those styles.”

Challenges and rewards 


In a country where Spanish is not the mother tongue, teaching Spanish as a foreign language becomes a bigger challenge, according to Elvira. “Since they are not immersed in the language, you need to motivate your students to a point where they look for Spanish exposure on their own, not because they have a class or assignment, but because they feel and are aware that they need to use the language in different scenarios other than the class, in order for them to enrich and nourish their learning process,” she said.

Like other Spanish teachers and language tutors, Elvira’s most memorable moments are when she is finally able to engage in a “full on conversation with a student that had little to no Spanish skills.”

She added, “My favorite part about working with The Spanish Group is seeing the smile and motivation of a student towards a new session, and being able to fulfil their expectations.”

Gift of Spanish

This holiday season, The Spanish Group offers a 15 percent discount on all services—classes, packages, lessons, tutorials and interpretations. The promotion covers the $25 introductory lesson rate. Interested students have until January 1, 2014 to avail of the promotion. The 15 percent discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

California-based The Spanish Group is known for its flexible learning methods that focus on the learner’s pace, language acquisition level and preferred learning style. The group’s language tutors, like Elvira, are known for their intensive and extensive experience in speaking and teaching the Spanish language while maintaining a warm, friendly and effective learning environment.

For more information, call (800) 460-1536 or visit http://www.thespanishgroup.org. The Spanish Group’s corporate headquarters is located at 4311 Jamboree Road, Suite 188, Newport Beach, California but classes and teachers are available all across Orange County and San Diego county.

Interested students or clients can also follow The Spanish Group on Twitter (www.twitter.com/thespanishgroup)or on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/thespanishgroup).

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