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The Spanish Group is a national provider of legal document translations. Law firms and individuals across the country trust The Spanish Group because of our expertise, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Common legal translation requests

  • Testimonies
  • Legal briefs
  • Decrees
  • Legal certificates
  • Land titles
  • Contracts
  • Last will and testaments.

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Clients trust us because there is no room for error at The Spanish Group LLC. Precision is paramount because lives, property and even freedom, are at stake and, as a result, the slightest mistranslation in a legal Spanish translation can jeopardize a legal case.


We have a pristine track record of meeting clients’ timelines without compromising quality of output. Most orders are completed within 1 day and this time includes proofreads and revisions by a legal translation expert or attorney. We also offer our Urgent Translation Service, which is a same day guaranteed service.

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Because we are a renowned translation service, your certified translation will be accepted for any legal or official purposes.

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All legal document translations are priced per word regardless of content matter or subject. If you would like us to verify the price or word count please request a price confirmation.

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