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Important Considerations When Ordering Online Translations

  Hiring a translation service to convey your content in a language you don’t speak can be an exercise in faith. It may seem like the quality of your translation is completely dependent on the translator, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the end product is something you are […]

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Lost in Translation: Some Funny Translations That Will Make Your Day

  It isn’t easy to write in another language. Of course, before you test your language skills on a business sign, you should probably double-check its accuracy! Here are just a few funny translation errors from around the world.   1. Happy Family In Hot Casserole   Some of these menu items look delicious, including […]

Why Does Chain Migration Sound So Bad?

  President Trump and other officials in his administration use the words, “chain migration” in a way that makes the term sound bad, as though immigrants were breaking the law. When voters hear these words, they believe that people from “undesirable” countries are being brought here by their families. While this is true, the countries […]

Immigration and Tolerance: Have Movies Done Justice to the Stories

  In today’s world, immigrants are getting the scary, unmistakable message that they aren’t welcome. While this message has been present in our lives for centuries, it becomes more obvious at certain times. Politics and government lead to the welcoming attitudes or to the hateful language. Some Americans don’t want their government to translate documents […]

Five Things to Know Before Visiting the United States

  Visiting the United States for the first time can be a very exciting experience. The variety of sights, experiences, foods, culture, and people found in the U.S. is hard to beat. However, for the unprepared it can also be confusing and a little scary. Arming yourself with some basic information before your visit allows […]