What are the Romance Languages?

    We’re going WAY back for a history lesson today about some of the most well-known languages on Earth.   Latin was the language of the Roman Empire, but the classical Latin that was written was never the language of daily life. It was typically used for writings and formal documents within the Empire. […]

Top Ten Tips for Visiting Peru

An absolute must-see of a country, Peru is known for its incredible beauty, kind people and phenomenal food (and yes, that even includes guinea pig). But, planning a trip to a foreign country can be daunting, especially if you aren’t completely familiar with the language. To help you out, we’ve put together our top ten […]

Website Translation Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Business

Denying the importance of conducting business online is a major mistake as is assuming that an international presence doesn’t matter. In order to stay competitive, reaching a wider audience is a goal that you should set for your company. One of the ways in which to accomplish this goal is to employ appropriate translation services. […]

The Growing Significance of Medical Records and Documents Translation

The Growing Need For Translation Services   As the healthcare field is constantly expanding and increasing in the U.S., the need and expectations for accurate medical records and documents is increasing as well. Spanish speaking natives in the U.S. are the fastest growing demographic, and like any other demographic, they deserve the best that modern […]

The 2019 International Latino Book Award Honors The Spanish Group

  California-based The Spanish Group has been honored for Best English to Spanish Children’s Picture Book Translation at the 2019 Latino Literacy Now’s International Latino Book Awards, which is the most prominent Latino Literacy and Cultural Award in America. Founded in 1997 by Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler, the organization strives to promote academic, […]

Retiring in Spain – Tapas, Siestas, Visas and more!

  Legally retiring in Spain sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Beaches, wine, tapas… what more could you want? More than 5.5 million foreign nationals are now living in Spain, accounting for more than 12 percent of its population! Before you pack your bags, there are some general requirements you should consider and familiarize yourself […]

How Can a Translation Service Help to Strengthen Your Audience Base?

A key part of building an international presence is outreach. Working on a global scale requires globally understood work, a concept that tends to seem a lot simpler than it actually is. Certain industries require a higher degree of localization, while others might only require basic website translation services. While it can be tempting to […]

Studying Abroad In Spain

  Part One: Travel Documents for Spain   Studying abroad in Spain will be an enriching experience to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and cuisine! However, as a U.S. citizen, it is crucial to understand the necessary steps and requirements in order to be permitted into the country. This also includes translating specific documents before […]

5 Industries That Should Invest in Translation Services

While there is no industry in the world that does not make use of translation services at one point in time or another, there are certain industries that could definitely do with a little more help. Translations are one of the best investments a business can make—with a comparatively small amount of cost, your business […]

4 Solid Reasons To Get Your Blog Translated By A Professional Translator

Are You A Blogger? Here Are 4 Solid Reasons To Get Your Blog Translated By A Professional Translator   When you make the decision to translate your blog into another language, you’ll need to take certain things into consideration. Before you decide that the expense of a professional foreign language translator is too high, you’ll […]