How Translation Services Benefit Businesses Effectively

  Using translation services for your own website is a way to quickly expand your reach. By using translation services, take advantage of a number of benefits that directly impact the future of a company’s success in today’s technological world and market.   Appeal to a Larger Audience Worldwide   Providing translation on your website […]

3 Professional Tips To Help You Translate Your Web Page

  Do you have a beautiful website that eloquently represents you and your business model? Is it a multi-language website? If not you’re linguistic negligence is hurting your bottom line.   1. The Spanish Language   The United States Census Bureau’s most recent statistics show that there are approximately 57 million (17.6%) Hispanic households in […]

5 Holiday Traditions in Latin America and Spain

Latin America and Spain are vibrant and exciting places, especially when it’s time for holiday celebrations and festivities. Here is a list of the top five Hispanic traditions that accompany Christmas and other important holidays.   Día de Los Reyes Magos   While many people celebrate Christmas on one single day, the Hispanics spread this […]


In-house or Localized Translation and Localization: Which One is the Best Choice

If you are in the need of language translation, it can often be a very tough choice to pick the right provider of language translation services. But, this decision can have a serious impact on your ability to do business internationally or even within your own city. Many businesses think that having a Spanish translator […]

Las Medidas Del Gobierno Estadounidense Con Respecto A Los Inmigrantes

  El gobierno de Donald Trump continúa con las medidas para modificar las leyes de inmigración. Las medidas que se vienen tomando tienen que ver con las promesas del actual presidente durante la campaña electoral y su necesidad de cumplir con lo prometido. Durante el último tiempo, se han incrementado las acciones contra personas que […]