Medical Translation Mistakes

Medical Translation Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous

Can you imagine being terribly sick or injured and unable to communicate this to a doctor? What about waking up from surgery only to find that the wrong procedure was conducted? These are the chilling possibilities that millions of Americans may face when confronted with a medical issue.  Image Source   According to the U.S. […]

Legal Practice

Why Your Legal Practice Should Invest in Certified Translation Services

As our society grows more diverse, so too does our need to adapt to it. Law firms and other legal services around the world have a growing need to translate a larger volume of documents in a more varied selection of languages. If a legal practice cannot successfully translate a language, than either they cannot […]

The Legal Changes for Immigration Since 2016

  Talking about all the changes that have befallen the United States immigration policies and their outcomes in the last few years would require a series of books. We can, however, attempt to take an overarching view of the situation and attempt to summarize the thrust of the changes and how immigration has been affected overall.    The political […]

What are Ten Things Americans Must Experience in Spain

  Spain has been a vibrant cultural center in Europe for centuries. The long and dramatic history of Spain has led to a country with a cultural depth that can be felt in almost every aspect of daily life. Some of the best ways to experience this culture are through its food and architecture.   […]

6 Common Subtitle Errors to Avoid

  Are you planning to create a subtitled video for your business? You should know in advance that it’s harder than it looks, and it’s common for inexperienced translators to make subtitling blunders. Here are just a few errors that you should beware of, which are also a clear indication why you should always go […]

Tips for Launching a Business in a New Country

4 Tips for Launching a Business in a New Country

  Maybe you’re expanding your business internationally.  Maybe you want to launch a brand-new business in a foreign market.    Whatever your reasons may be for expanding your business abroad, you’ll face unique challenges as a newbie in the market, so it’s advisable to prepare for these things in advance.   Here are just a […]

Industries That Can Benefit From Translation Services

With the rise of globalization and an increasingly global economy, the need for translation services is growing fast. Many businesses across industries can benefit from utilizing translation services, having translators or even hiring multilingual employees. Here are just a few of the most prominent examples, but any business at any time might find itself in […]

Machine vs Human Translation: Evaluating the Pros And Cons

  Business Language translations are crucial for individuals and companies that wish to expand their products and services globally. Some faults in translator services are linked to the misuse of machines, while other faults are linked to human errors. So, which type of translation is better: one done by humans or by machines?   The […]

How To Perform A Quality Assessment For Translated Documents?

  The importance of adequately translated documents can not be emphasized enough. These documents often contain sensitive financial or personal information that could tarnish the reputation of the company if left in the hands of the wrong person. In addition, accuracy is incredibly crucial during any translation to ensure that the context of the document […]

Legal Translation Complexities That Only A Professional Translation Service Understands

  English to Spanish Translations present a challenge to legal translators. There exist in the Spanish language certain grammatical moods, idiomatic expressions, and word definitions that don’t have direct translations. In these instances, the legal translator must weigh the original intent of the speaker or writer and then choose the most appropriate phrasing in Spanish […]