The Spanish Group’s Spanish Tutoring Guide

The Spanish Group’s Spanish Tutoring Guide


Spanish tutoring is usually done to complement Spanish lessons.

Since it is conducted one-on-one or in small groups, there are more opportunities for the Spanish tutor to customize the learning pace and style, and for the student to learn more effectively.

California-based Spanish learning center The Spanish Group provides service-based Spanish tutoring in San Diego and in-house sessions in their very own Newport Beach headquarters. The group is known for its flexible learning methods that focus on the learner’s pace, language acquisition and even on their preferred schedule and venue.

“Usually, our Spanish tutoring clients are students who need help with the school lessons or those who are serious about turning Spanish into a lifelong skill,” The Spanish Group general manager Salvador Ordorica explained. “Either way, we strictly monitor our students’ progress because we believe that there is no reason not to improve when you are enrolled in a Spanish tutoring session with us.

To ensure that each Spanish tutoring session is productive and effective, the group utilizes interactive learning tools designed to improve retention and encourage quicker language adaptation.

1.     Flash Cards. Flash cards are not just for kids. For Spanish tutoring students, flash cards go a long way in establishing word association. Ordorica said, “Sometimes, students tend to forget what they learn right after the session especially if they do not actively practice it. Using visual aids help aid retain learning.”

2.     Conversation Practice. The best way to learn is to practice. It is vital for the student to say, think and feel the words. At The Spanish Group, conversation practices are sometimes conducted as surprise tests to encourage students to think on their feet. The group also offers intensive learning sessions for those who want to practice speaking Spanish like a native.

3.     Journal. Another way to practice lessons is to write about them on a regular and sustained basis. “Keeping a journal ‘forces’ our students to string words together to express their feelings through coherent sentences,” The Spanish Group chief added.

Spanish experts

The Spanish Group prides itself for its team of highly skilled teachers, tutors, translators and interpreters who are genuinely warm and patient. Each teacher has extensive and intensive experience speaking and teaching the Hispanic language both in large classroom set-ups and one-on-one sessions.

The group’s headquarters is located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. In addition to Spanish tutoring in San Diego, the group offers language services including tutorial and lessons for all levels. The group also offers special lessons for clients who intend to use the language for travel purposes, whether business or leisure.

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