The Spanish Edge–What To Look For In A Spanish Teacher

A new school year spells many new things for students.

New school supplies, new school wear, new classmates, new teachers, new friends—a new academic year is always an opportunity for a fresh start.

Of course, the new school year brings with it new academic challenges. For students who are struggling with their Spanish classes, a competent Spanish tutor can help usher in better academic possibilities.

While there are many tutors who may be qualified to reinforce school-taught Spanish lessons, it is important to apply a certain criteria to ensure that it is a well-made investment. The right Spanish tutor can, not only help improve performance in Spanish tests and projects, but also turn knowledge of the Spanish language into a life-long skill with benefits that can be reaped way beyond school.

California-based Spanish learning company OC Spanish has just expanded its service area to San Diego county with services such as Spanish tutoring, Spanish lessons and translation. OC Spanish is known for its unorthodox and effective teaching and tutoring methods which focus on customized learning.

According to general manager Salvador Ordorica, it is not enough that a Spanish tutor speaks the language. “A truly effective Spanish tutor must also have the heart for sharing the knowledge. The success of each tutorial session has a lot to do with rapport between tutor and student,” he explained.

Here are three other qualities to look for in a Spanish tutor for the budding Spanish learner.

1.     The ideal Spanish tutor should be patient, warm and sociable. Learning is much more difficult when the tutor is unwilling to adjust to the learner’s pace. A visible display of disdain for the job also dampens the student’s ability to appreciate lessons. The ideal Spanish tutor should, first and foremost, be a person who wants to share knowledge. Trite as it may seem, passion for the job always makes a difference.

2.     The ideal Spanish tutor has prior experience in teaching the language. Ordorica noted, “Just because you know the language does it mean that you can teach it. At OC Spanish, we’re pretty strict about that. We only hire tutors who have extensive experience teaching high school and college level students. And our tutors have taught Spanish both privately and in classroom set-ups.”

3.     The ideal Spanish tutor should be willing to go the extra mile. Because the ideal Spanish tutor understands the value of learning Spanish, he/she should be willing to go the extra mile if it will help facilitate better and faster learning for the student. At OC Spanish, tutoring sessions are reinforced with conversation or immersion sessions if the student wishes a more intensive learning experience.

OC Spanish’s unique method of Spanish tutorial has helped many students in the Orange County improve their Spanish test scores and eventually, their fluency in the language. For San Diegans who wish to experience the same level of competence in Spanish, call (949) 793-7372 or visit www.ocspanish.comInterested students can also follow OC Spanish on Twitter( on Facebook (

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