Newport Beach/Irvine Center Grand Opening

OC Spanish expands footprint, opens new language center in Newport Beach

Spanish language center offers 50% off on classes

California-based Spanish language agency, OC Spanish, is finally set to open its very own training center in Newport Beach, California, this September.

To celebrate this milestone, the company is offering a 50 percent discount on classes for a limited time only. Originally priced at $220, the eight-week-75-minute-per-session course is now open for only $110.

Founded in 2012 in Orange County, the fast-growing team of Spanish instructors, tutors, translators and interpreters is on a rapid expansion course as it also prepares to penetrate the San Diego market with service-based work including tutoring, private language training, and interpretations.

OC Spanish general manager Salvador Ordorica said, “The effectiveness and success of OC Spanish lies in our methodology which focuses on flexibility. Each session is geared towards meeting the student’s expectations and working around their limitations. Moreover, we have mobile teachers who are available round-the-clock.”

OC Spanish offers a wide range of Spanish language services including private and group lessons, tutorials for all levels of learners, translation services for even the most technical and medical documents, executive training for corporate clients and an intensive Spanish immersion program.

Prior to the opening of its headquarters, the team operated on-site—providing lessons at custom, client-preferred schedules and locations all over Southern California. The set-up is part of the company’s unique method of customized instruction. According to Ordorica, OC Spanish “adjusts to the learner’s style.”

He explained, “If you’re an auditory learner, then we can have classes completely in Spanish. If you’re more of a visual learner, then the teacher focuses on written rules and charts.” The company also puts heavy emphasis on making each session “interesting and when possible, entertaining.”

The company prides itself in implementing rigorous background checks and thorough examinations to assess the quality of its teachers, tutors and translators. “Our manpower is our most prized asset so we really take time in hiring only the best. Our teachers, tutors, and translators are not just people who happen to know the language. They live and breathe Spanish, and they enjoy the work they do,” Ordorica states.

Emerging global language

The ability to fluently converse in Spanish, being one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, is fast becoming a necessity, especially in the US where it is anticipated that, by year 2050, approximately 30 percent of the population will be composed of Hispanics.

In fact, according to a 2011 American Community Survey by the Pew Research Center, a record 37.6 million persons aged five years and above speak Spanish at home, making it the most spoken non-English language in the US.

For those who live, study or work in the US, a strong grasp of Spanish helps increase employment potential––especially in today’s competitive labor market.

Jacob Eisenheim, business consultant, who is also a former OC Spanish student, shared, “At first, I only wanted to learn Spanish to gain an extra skill but I was pleasantly surprised at how extremely useful and beneficial it has been for me and not just for travelling to Hispanic countries. In my case, it has really opened up opportunities for work and for building new relationships.”

Steady growth

OC Spanish is set to begin hiring teachers, tutors, and interpreters in San Diego County, California. The manager expects San Diego Spanish tutoring to be a hit, with the rapidly approaching school year (in some areas school has already started). Spanish tutoring accounts for about 1/3rd of OC Spanish’s business in Orange County. Because San Diego is home to many famous universities and prestigious high schools, OC Spanish’s San Diego Spanish tutors are expected to be busy from week 1.

Moreover, with the opening of their first learning center, OC Spanish is confident that it will attract more students from a wider demographic. The OC Spanish chief furthered, “We’re excited about the opportunities that the new learning center will open up for us. Our students can expect the same, if not a higher, level of competency from our teachers. In the near future, we’re hoping to reach out to more metropolitan areas in the United States.

The new OC Spanish Language Center is located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. For more information or to sign up for the promotion, call (949) 793-7372 or visit Interested students can also follow OC Spanish on Twitter (

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