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The Future of Translation Services: A Brief Overview

The volatility of the financial market and the dawn of the digital age have left many industries constantly unsure of what the future has in store.   The translation services industry, however, can look to the future with a little bit more confidence.   According to a recent report by IBIS World, the translation services […]

In-Person Translators or Identity Thieves?

Aside from ensuring the high level of skill and reliability of your translation service provider, the security of your personal documents should also be a main concern when working with a professional translator.   The Spanish Group lead translator Isabella Saenz has advice for all translation clients: Do not leave your original documents. “Losing your […]

Dancing in Spanish

Dance is an integral part of Hispanic culture. More than a form of entertainment, it mirrors history and traditions, and paints a dynamic picture of a country’s culture and people. In fact, one way to know more about a Hispanic country is to learn its dances and decipher the meaning behind its moves. Here are […]

Spanish Football 101

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup opens in Brazil and marks another historic event in world sporting history, here are some interesting Spanish football tidbits to chew on. ·      The first recorded arrival of football in Spain is in the late 1900s. It was said to be imported from the British Isles by students who […]

Four Men Behind Spanish Art

Four Men Behind Spanish Art Spanish art is one of the most dominant forces behind Western art. According to, Spanish art history dates back to more than 18,000 years ago which includes cave paintings found in the Altamira caves in Cantabria. Today, it is distinguished by its various historical (Counter Reformation and Bourbon dynasty) […]

Culture 101: Customs and Etiquettes in Venezuela

The beautifully diverse South American country of Venezuela is one of the most urbanized countries in Latin America. Like its Hispanic counterparts, Venezuelan culture is rich in traditions built on family, friends, community and of course religion. When visiting Venezuela, here are customs and etiquettes to keep in mind. Dining and Table Manners·      Arrive 15 […]

A Quick Guide to Festivals in Honduras

When travelling to a foreign destination, a quick way to get immersed in the culture is to participate in a local festival or a fiesta. Festivals are a time when people open up their homes to guests, and visitors are able to sample local cuisine in abundance and witness local traditions. In Honduras, a largely Roman […]

Adventures in Guatemala

If you are looking for a Hispanic country to visit on your next travel adventure, and you like exploring old cultures and traditions in a modern setting, Guatemala is a good choice. Guatemala originates from Maya (Mesoamerican) civilization, and this influence resonates even up until today. The country is also known for its abundant and […]

Spanish Interpreter Series: The Business Interpreter

In our final post for the Spanish interpreter series, we’ll delve into the professional life of a Spanish business interpreter. With globalization opening the virtual doors to business opportunities abroad, communicating effectively in a foreign language has never been more important. As such, the role of a business interpreter is crucial in ensuring that no […]