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  • A Simple Guide to Spanish Content Marketing

    Spanish Translation Services

    For Spanish translation services, SEO, link-building or other similar content needs in today's second most spoken language across the world, after English - there are many resources and platforms that you can use.


    Here, we have come up with a simple guide that will understand the discourse further.


    Are you prepared for the best?


    1. Content Strategy

    Similar to other SEO, inbound or internet marketing worlds, many have spent years learning to shift from link-building to link- earning; despite the challenge, we’ve found success through building out processes. One particular challenge of ours, perhaps an advantage as well, is that we work solely on Spanish-language projects. This implies the following: While many strategies employed are the same, some tactics vary. This post is intended for marketers who are interested in specifically targeting the Spanish speakers, but it may also prove helpful to full-stack marketers, regardless of language.


    There are many great reasons to begin Spanish-language content marketing. The U.S.'s Hispanic community has grown 67 percent from 2000-2011 alone and passed the 50 million mark for the very first time. While growth has slowed within Latin American countries over the past decade, their economies remain stable and are not as affected by the U.S. economy's downturns as before. Though the Hispanic marketing is growing, it's not always a valid reason for your organization to invest its time, money, and efforts to market to Spanish speakers. You must carefully validate each situation and concept presented to ensure that it's the best move for you.


    2. Content Creation

    Begin by translating those main keywords. In some cases, this process is straightforward, but certain product names should never be translated, since their terms may exist on their own. A prime example is that of e-commerce: Though there's many ways to translate "e-commerce", people usually leave it written in English.


    Another powerful word of advice follows: Do not use machine translations. Employ a good translation agency for this purpose. Your terms must preserve the same query intent, or any work performed on keyword research will go to waste.


    Also ensure that your website is in order and that you've chosen an international strategy. If you require more assistance on that end, then research Aleyda’s Whiteboard Friday regarding International SEO Do’s and Do Not’s as well as her International SEO Checklist. These are both excellent resources for those considering taking their businesses abroad.


    3. Content Outreach

    Persona-based marketing always works. There's no need to elaborate on how to build personas as this topic is been covered extensively across the Internet. We follow Mike King's process with as much precision as possible. Our only difference is that we add the importance of considering each country or region prior to targeting our content. This lets us perceive the type of data that we should employ for any piece of content.


    So, in the bottom line it can be said that if you perceive to expand your business to the Spanish speaking zones, you need a good Spanish translation agency for content marketing.