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Why Quality And Translations Should Go Hand In Hand?

The Importance of High-Quality Levels in Translation Businesses rely heavily on appearance. Whether you’re showing up for a job interview or trying to close a deal, the way you come off will stick in your interviewer or potential business partner’s mind. What backs up a quality appearance is quality service and quality products, to the […]

Top 8 Reasons Not to Use Google Translate

At The Spanish Group, we understand that the lure of Google Translate or other online translation programs can often seem more appealing than professional translation services—of course, it’s free! Ironically, Google Translate’s free service comes at a price. Is it worth it to save a little bit of money if your end translation project will […]

5 Holiday Traditions in Latin America and Spain

Latin America and Spain are vibrant and exciting places, especially when it’s time for holiday celebrations and festivities. Here is a list of the top five Hispanic traditions that accompany Christmas and other important holidays.   Día de Los Reyes Magos   While many people celebrate Christmas on one single day, the Hispanics spread this […]

Donald Trump Y El Voto Latino

Quién es Donald Trump   Donald Trump, nacido en 1946 en Estados Unidos, es un empresario devenido en precandidato político del Partido Republicano para la elección presidencial de este año. Su extenso curriculum lo describe como el fundador de Trump Entertainment Resorts y presidente de la Trump Organization. Proveniente de una familia dedicada a los […]

What Hispanic Recipes Consist In

  The first thing we ever do when we travel to new places is to satisfy one of our pleasures in life: Eating! Most people love eating and consider it something very special. Even if we are in our own countries, today it is very common to find exotic restaurants, or restaurants from different parts […]

Five Shocking Cultural Differences between the United States and Latin Countries

Although, Latin America and the United States are on the same side of the world, there are many cultural differences that sometimes may be shocking and surprising for people who travel for the first time. Sometimes these differences tend to be adopted by those who are travelling and get to know other cultures, or for […]

Diferencias Culturales En Latinoamérica

A pesar de que los países latinoamericanos y anglosajones comparten los diferentes continentes, es curioso ver cuántas diferencias culturales existen entre unos y otros, aunque esto puede no llamar tanto la atención. Sin embargo, entre países más cercanos también existen esas diferencias. Si miramos a Latino América de norte a sur y de este a […]

Por Qué Necesita Una Traducción Profesional Para Su Negocio

Administrar o manejar un negocio requiere ocuparse de muchas tareas y tratar con diferentes tipos de personas, desde profesionales, empleados, hasta clientes y servicios externos. En la actualidad, si bien la tecnología ha impulsado una nueva forma de hacer negocios que ha agilizado las actividades, todo se mueve a un ritmo difícil de seguir. Este […]

How Different is South American Etiquette from the Rest of the World

Although, regions usually have many characteristics in common, regarding specific topics, each country has always its own personality. It is not the same to talk about etiquette in Brazil than talking about etiquette in Colombia, for example. Now, what exactly is etiquette? It is courtesy, social rules, politeness, manners, and the way people relate to […]