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  • Four Spanish Movies You Need to Watch Now

    Happy New Year!

    The start of a new year always brings with it hope for better things ahead, and a palpable desire to enforce changes aka resolutions.

    For your New Year resolutions this year, here’s a suggestion: watch more Spanish films.

    Spanish films are among the most universally embraced films in the global cinema despite language barriers for some. As other films do, Spanish cinema takes viewers into parts and parcels of daily Hispanic living and its attendant struggles. It also gives audience a glimpse and a taste of the rich Hispanic culture.

    Not sure where to start your foray into Spanish cinema?

    Here is The Spanish Group’s list of top four recommendations.

    1.     Amores Perros. This Mexican masterpiece by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu is part of a trilogy (the other two films being Babel and 21 Grams). The film has three stand alone yet intertwined stories, each dealing with a different kind of loss. The first story is a love triangle and a tale of unrequited love. The second story is about a man and the woman he left his family for; and the third is about a hit man whose past and present will collide.Amores Perros is not the tearjerker type but it is an emotionally powerful film that delves into the ironies of life, love and family.

    2.     Rec. Be warned: Rec is not a date night movie. In fact, don’t watch it at night. It is a horror story about a female journalist who goes on routine night coverage and becomes trapped in an apartment with a demonic infection that turns people into flesh-craving zombies. This movie spawned two sequels and a Hollywood remake.

    3.     Bad Education. This Spanish classic stars Gael Garcia Bernal and is directed by Pedro Almodovar.  It tackles controversial themes such as drug use (and abuse), transexuality and sexual abuse by Catholic priests. The film also uses metafiction as a tool to narrate the story.

    4.     Biutiful. This Mexican-Spanish drama stars Javier Bardem and tells the poignant story of a father, Uxbal, and his struggles as a man dying from cancer. The film touches on a relevant and sensitive social reality—the life of an illegal immigrant. In the film, Uxbal strives to live long enough to secure the future of his two children despite a perilous job and a wife he cannot trust.

    Another reason to learn to speak Spanish

    For non-Spanish speakers, subtitles bridge the gap when watching Spanish films.

    However, a language can never be fully translated because it has its own quirks and nuances that add or enhance the meaning of each word, phrase or sentence.

    This unique feature of every language adds to the list of reasons why it’s high time to learn to speak Spanish.

    Learning Spanish significantly enhances the viewing experience every time you watch a Spanish-speaking film because as the viewer, you have a better idea of how the characters truly think, feel and speak. Conversely, watching Spanish films help learners practice their language listening skills.

    The Spanish Group is a California-based company that offers Spanish translation services.

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