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  • The Perks of Being a Spanish Interpreter

    When it comes to dream jobs, most people think actor, supermodel, high-power corporate executive or athlete. Of course, the main motivations that drive these choices are wealth, fame and power.

    However, dream jobs are not just about the glitzy and glamorous things in life. Sometimes, dream jobs are also about new experiences, unique challenges and a different kind of fulfillment.

    “Not a lot of people grow up and dream of becoming a Spanish interpreter,” The Spanish Group general manager Alfonso Martinez said. “It’s easy to understand why but the reality is that being a Spanish interpreter comes with some really amazing perks.”

    As one of California’s fastest growing Spanish learning centers, The Spanish Group employs a highly efficient team of Spanish language tutors, teachers, interpreters and translators who have passed the group’s rigorous qualifications including, but not limited to, high level of Spanish fluency and experience in teaching the language in both classroom and one-on-one set-ups; thorough background checks; and for Spanish interpreters, at least three years of interpreting experience.

    “We place heavy emphasis on quality of experience,” Martinez added. “It doesn’t matter if you are conversational in seven languages. To make it to our team, we need you to live and breathe Spanish. We are a premier Spanish learning company and the quality of our instructors is a testament to that.”

    So, what are the perks of being a Spanish interpreter?

    Here is our top three.

    1.     Travel Opportunities. As a Spanish interpreter, you are well-equipped to travel, and even make a living, in more than 20 countries around the world.

    2.     Insight into People. Interpreters often find themselves as the middle man (or woman) between people during critical situations. This is a challenge for every interpreter, and a unique way of affecting change through the power of language. At the same time, this kind of experience is also enriching. Interpreters have troves of stories to tell because of their access to raw stories of daily human struggles.

    3.     Mental Exercise. Being able to think fast and quickly process information, despite external stressors, in two languages, is a mental feat, and one that will benefit your mental health for years to come.

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