Useful Spanish Lessons for Traveling (Dining and Shopping Edition)

A couple of weeks ago, we shared some basic Spanish phrases for traveling, specifically for commuting.

Today, it’s part two of our basic Spanish lessons series and it’s time for phrases and sentences on two of the most important aspects of any trip—dining and shopping.

Whether it’s for getting good shopping deals, exploring the local cultural gems or avoiding shady people, packing some Spanish lessons is always a great accessory in any trip.

1.     I am hungry/thirsty.

Tengo hambre/sed.

2.     Is there a café near here?

¿Hay un café/una cafetería cerca de aquí? 

3.     Do you have any tables available for this evening?

¿Tienen alguna mesa para esta noche? 

4.     Do you have anything to drink?

¿Tiene algo para beber? 

5.     Where can you go for cheap food?

¿Dónde se puede comer barato? 

6.     How much does it cost? How much do they cost?

¿Cuánto cuesta? ¿Cuánto cuestan?

7.     Do you accept credit cards?

¿Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito?

8.     Can I try it on?

¿Me lo puedo probar? 

9.     Do you have something cheaper?

¿Tiene algo más barato? 

10.  Where can I buy…?

¿Dónde puedo comprar …?

One language, a multitude of benefits

With more than 38 million people who speak Spanish and with the language spoken in at least 20 countries around the world, it definitely pays to learn basic Spanish lessons.

Not only is it helpful for expanding business and employment opportunities, it is also extremely useful in getting around and meeting new people when traveling to Hispanic countries. The Spanish Group general manager Salvador Ordorica added, “Investing in Spanish lessons isn’t just for formal use in school or at work. Our clients have proven time and again that learning Spanish enhances the quality of their trips to Spanish-speaking nations.”

The Spanish Group is a California-based Spanish learning center with headquarters in Orange County and service areas in San Diego. The group specializes in tailor-fit Spanish lessons that focus on the learner’s pace, proficiency, language acquisition level, prior experience with the language, and even preferred schedule and venue. The group is also known for its rigorously screened and highly competent team of teachers who are just as warm and patient.

Ordorica said, “We’re a tight-knit organization but we’re extremely efficient in what we do. Our students go out into the world with a stronger grasp of Spanish than before they came to us because we really focus on functional learning.”

The Spanish Group’s headquarters is located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. The company also services the San Diego area with language offerings such as translation, tutorial and lessons for all levels. The group also offers special lessons for clients who intend to use the language for travel purposes, whether business or leisure.

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