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  • How to Search for a Spanish Translator

    In search of the ideal Spanish translator

    Basic qualities you need to look for

    When it comes to translating to and from a foreign language, it is important to consult with someone who does not just understand the language. An effective translator should be someone who speaks, lives and breathes the language.

    Translating is not merely the technical conversion of a word, phrase or sentence to another language. A language has its own quirks—accents, meanings and subtexts that do not always have exact translations. Thus, to effectively learn a language, the quality and skill level of a Spanish translator is paramount.

    According to Alfonso Martinez, general manager of California-based Spanish company The Spanish Group, the company focuses on Spanish alone because it places emphasis on the quality of their service. “We can say with a degree of certainty that we are among the most qualified Spanish translators out there,” he said. “We understand that translation requires meticulous and rigorous effort and we have a tight yet highly effective team of competent translators who share a passion for the Spanish language.”

    When it comes to Spanish translators, here are three qualities you should look for to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

    1.     Your Spanish translators should be working in-house. Why is it important to have in-house Spanish translators? Martinez explains, “Some translation agencies ship out the work to translators whose proficiency levels they are not sure of. Of course, this can compromise the quality and the speed of translation.” At The Spanish Group, translators are 100% bilingual and have specialized in specific industries including, but not limited to, legal, dental, medical, technical, government, websites, newsletters, magazines and journals. The company also handles proofreading and editing of Spanish documents.


    2.     Your Spanish translators should be crazy about proofreading. To ensure the quality of the output, Spanish translators should employ the highest level of translation standards and that includes rigorous proofreading.


    3.     Your Spanish translators should not merely have fluent skills. The best Spanish translators are those that have extensive experience speaking, writing and teaching the language. To be able to share knowledge of Spanish, a translator must first master the nuances of the language.