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Consejos para nuevos inmigrantes de Estados Unidos

Antes de viajar a otro país, siempre conviene tener cierta información que hará nuestra estadía más placentera, y si la intención es emigrar a otro rincón del mundo como, por ejemplo, Estados Unidos, tener ese conocimiento se convierte en algo indispensable. No solo es importante saber sobre los trámites que debemos realizar, los papeles y […]

Basic US Immigration Tips

When it comes to US immigration, knowledge—the right kind—is key. Knowing ahead of time what you need, when you need it, where to go, who to deal with and other basic information are crucial for a successful application. Here’s a rundown of some basic things to remember when applying for US immigration.     Make […]

Common Immigration Scams

  In our last post, we shared some tips for avoiding immigration scams.   Today, we are going to share with you common immigration scams, according to the official website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS),, so you know what types of situation to avoid.   Telephone Scams. If someone calls you […]

Tips for Avoiding Immigration Scams

Applying for U.S. immigration involves a huge investment in time, resources and of course, money.   As such, some people with ill intent may try and fool applicants into shady ways of going through the immigration process. Unfortunately, if you get sucked into one of these scams, you will lose precious time, money and worst, […]

Applying for U.S. Citizenship: Naturalization

In our past couple of posts, we shared with you general guidelines on how to immigrate to the U.S. based on your civil or employment status.   Today, we’re taking it a notch higher. We’re going to talk about general tips when applying for a U.S. citizenship. Let’s start with citizenship through naturalization.   If […]

Immigration 101 Series: Applying for a Fiancé Visa

As promised in our last post, today, we are going to give you a lowdown of how to apply for a fiancé visa to the US.     This visa applies to foreign citizen fiancés of US citizens who want to wed their partners in the US.   As a petitioner, you must first meet […]

Immigration 101 Series: Applying as a Spouse

In our last blog post, we gave you a brief summary of the immigration steps to the US when applying as a professional.   Today, we’ll share some guidelines when applying for an immigration visa as a spouse.   First things first: Who is considered a spouse?   According to the US Department of State […]

When will you need a birth certificate translation?

Your birth certificate is one of your most important personal documents because it is proof of your existence in this world.   It is also your passport to accessing social services, gaining entry to organizations, and pretty much getting around locally or internationally. When transacting overseas, one of the requirements you’ll most likely need is […]

How To Apply for a U.S. Immigrant Visa

The U.S. immigrant visa is the first step to becoming a legal permanent resident in this country.   It is a long, and sometimes complex, process that involves several steps to help the U.S. government determine if the applicant is deserving of the opportunity to live and work in the U.S.   Here’s a quick guide to […]

In-Person Translators or Identity Thieves?

Aside from ensuring the high level of skill and reliability of your translation service provider, the security of your personal documents should also be a main concern when working with a professional translator.   The Spanish Group lead translator Isabella Saenz has advice for all translation clients: Do not leave your original documents. “Losing your […]