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  • Why is App Localization crucial for your Mobile App’s success?

    Certified Translation

    7.97 billion people inhabit this planet. How would you like at least half of them to buy one product in your app store, netting you $1.00 per sale? That's almost $4 Billion in profits. How will you be able to do that? This article will discuss one crucial step to attaining that goal.


    Selling to everyone on this planet using most existing apps is nearly impossible. The main reason is that most apps are available in only one language. In contrast, there are 195 countries and 7,100 languages on this planet. How can you sell to everybody if your app is only in one language, like English? Even if everybody understands your product through your photos, your order/ checkout page will be a nightmare for most. The Spanish, for instance, will appreciate a localized app that passed a certified Spanish translation service. 


    What is Localization, and why is it essential for most apps?


    App Localization


    In simple language, Localization refers to redesigning your business to look, sound, and feel like a local of your target market. When you localize, you do not only translate your app; it is much more than that. You use local idioms, embrace the regional culture, and become a native of the country or province. That can only be possible when you seek the help of native speakers and certified Spanish translation services (traducciones certificadas). 


    By localizing your app, you get to understand your target market; in the process, your target market also gets to understand you better.


    I saw Localization starting years ago when big companies like CNN, Yahoo, Google, and many others began offering geo-targeted content. Whenever you check your Google app, you'll find content that's tailor fitted for your country and search preferences. A visit to Yahoo's website in Singapore will redirect you to "sg.yahoo.com." CNN also has localized sites like cnnphilippines.com for Filipinos. 


    Other Localization examples include the entertainment and publishing industries. Movie producers and publishers change movie and book titles, cover designs, and marketing materials, whenever they sell to a new market.


    -"Mighty Ducks" starring Emilio Estevez is titled "Champions" in Australia

    - Jennifer Garner's "13 Going on 30" is "Suddenly 30" in Australia.

    -Agatha Christie's After the Funeral is also titled Funerals are Fatal in other markets.

    -Lawrence Hill's "Someone Knows My Name" is the same as "The Book of Negroes"


    Why is App Localization crucial for your Mobile App's success?


    Localizing your app is crucial for your success and survival. Here's what will happen when you localize your app for the global market:


    1) Sales in new markets


    Using a traducciones certificadas or certified Spanish translation service to localize for the Spanish market will allow you to converse, be understood, and sell to the people of Spain. The same will happen when you do localize for other countries. Please take note that people like to search in their local language. Therefore, it is imperative that you immediately consult a certified Spanish translation service for the Spanish market and use the same approach in other countries.


    2) Create New Markets


    Done correctly, localizing for many countries will enable you to grab a slice of foreign markets. People from faraway lands will suddenly know your products and will start buying. Another possibility would be people finding other uses for your products.


    For instance:


    -An American brand of powdered juice drink is also popularly used in the Philippines to flavor a local gin brand.

    -Bubble Wrap was initially intended as wallpaper.

    -Listerine was first marketed as a cure for gonorrhea and as a floor cleaner

    -Minoxidil, a hair growth solution, was first sold as a blood pressure medication.


    3) Attain A Pioneer Status


    Most of your local competitors are probably not yet localizing their apps. Because of that, you will be able to reach new shores and get the chance to gain new loyal customers before your competitors even start realizing their loss.


    4) Defend your existing market


    The best defense is a good offense. Your competitors from other countries might already be localizing their apps to conquer your market. Localize for the international market and hit your competitors' territory to put them off balance. 


    5) Increased App Usage


    Localizing for other countries will bring in more users of your app. Increased usage will increase your chances of improving your sales numbers.


    What Countries to Localize


    Start localizing for countries that are actively using your app. Identify those that are bringing in money. Prioritize the locations patronizing your app and your products, for you already have a market in those areas. The customers there have a demand for your products, and Localization will further expand your reach.


    After that, identify the countries with the most potential for your products. Such can be done by conducting market research. Also, localize for big economies like China. Most giants are trying to get a slice of the Chinese market composed of 1.4 billion people. I need not explain why.




    The internet has made it possible for the smallest entrepreneur to speak and sell to the entire planet. Earlier, I passed by a small store in the middle of an old Manila business district. Physical Access to that mart is difficult due to road repairs leading to it, and its less than the desired location. Indeed, no customer was transacting with the store employees. However, the place is bustling with activity. Many employees are busy packing their products and loading them in trucks. The store is making a lot of money selling to faraway customers through two popular shopping apps. Localize your app to widen your reach, defend your business territory, and survive the harsh business environment. It is the only way to go.