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  • Trends in Translation and Localization in 2022 That Have Altered the Industry!

    Certified Translation

    The many lockdowns that people went through worldwide increased their use of the Internet and the services that come with it. Overall, the number of internet users increased by 40%-100% worldwide, and usage of apps like Zoom grew ten times. In countries like the Philippines, online shopping suddenly became the norm, as strict lockdowns prevented them from going out of their homes to buy daily supplies. With almost no alternative, people started using the Internet for news updates, entertainment, business, shopping, and many others. Registered online sellers grew a thousandfold together with allied enterprises like delivery services.


    In these times, sellers should realize that the pandemic did not only bring out opportunities to increase business reach, but it also exposed them to possible dangers from global competition. Currently, many sellers have expanded their spread beyond their local boundaries. Therefore, they have become a threat to businesses serving the areas they are trying to penetrate. 


    If you are a seller, you must strengthen your hold on current sales territory and globalize to penetrate others. In addition, you must localize your presence to gain the trust of your foreign markets. Many have done that, and so must you. 


    In the translation business, many things have happened over the past two years, and more are starting to unfold. Here are the Trends in Translation and Localization in 2022 That Have Altered the Industry!


    Demand For More Professional Translators


    With people using the Internet for different purposes, more and more require professional translators to provide certified translation services. If you require to translate a document from English into Spanish, you will need official document translation services that can certify the accuracy of their work. Today's translation apps cannot be relied on to provide accurate certified results. Therefore, the need for human professionals who can vouch for the accuracy of their work is essential.


    E-Learning/Academic Translation


    Millions of students attended online classes because of the Covid pandemic. We also saw celebrities flaunting their new online college degrees during the lockdowns. 


    It was only recently that we realized that thousands of lessons, college courses, and even master's degrees are attainable online. The sudden surge in popularity of online courses should make it wise for creators of online courses to translate their offerings. They will reach new and much bigger markets without having to create new products.


    Website Localization Services


    When you localize your business, you redesign your processes to adjust to your target market. By localizing, you will use the local language, down to the unique and popular idioms being used. Not only that, you will also remodel your product labels and adapt your products and ways to fit to the local market. Simply put, localization is acclimating oneself to look and sound like a native of the area. 


    The Covid pandemic resulted in a sharp rise in eCommerce sales. That means businesses should adapt by globalizing and localizing their operations to penetrate new markets and defend the existing territory. We see localization as one of the latest trends in translation.


    Medical & Translation Services


    Today, it is entirely possible for doctors to oversee critical medical operations performed thousands of miles away. They can read medical summaries, actual videos of operations, and much more in real-time. However, medical professionals from different countries cannot collaborate successfully without medical translators' help. With that, we should see a rise in the number of bilingual medical professionals working in the translation business.


    Translated Subtitles


    With videos becoming more popular online, it is wise for you to translate your movies to make them accessible and enjoyable to the rest of the world. Even video materials made and released long ago can earn new revenue when made convenient for new cultures. Translated subtitles also make it possible for deaf people to enjoy your movies. It also makes it possible to enjoy your videos in silent mode.


    Business Translation Services


    Today, it is much easier for everybody to do business with almost anybody worldwide. Thousands of eCommerce sites successfully sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods and services globally, and the trend will continue. However, formal collaborations between businesses (b2b) and consumers (b2c) can only be successful with the help of human translators who understand the multiple languages and speak the business lingo. If you need certified people to translate documents from English into Spanish, you must employ somebody who provides official document translation services.


    Multilingual Customer Service Officers


    When a customer service officer talks to you in your native language, there will undoubtedly be greater understanding and the result will be happier customers, and increased business. The Internet makes this very possible since you can hire people from all countries and have them work in their locality. That way, you can have 24/7 customer service in all languages and local dialects. 


    Legal Translation Services


    Travel for leisure, immigration, international studies, and other purposes will continue to rise. Therefore, the demand for related legal translation services will increase. If you require a reliable person to translate documents from English into Spanish, you need somebody who provides official document translation services. You cannot rely upon any ordinary bilingual to translate your legal documents like your birth certificate and submit them to foreign immigration offices. If you do that, the chance that your application will get rejected is very high.


    Speech Translation


    In the last few years, the demand for speech translation has grown, and this year, the need continues. Speech translation can be done in written and spoken formats. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect a rise in the demand for professionals who translate speech into a written form or voice in another language.


    Machine Translation


    Machine translation converts spoken or written content into another language using automatic software. It has been around for quite some time, but if you use it to translate critical information, it is far from perfect. If you require certified people to translate documents from English into Spanish, you must hire someone who specializes in official document translation services.


    Nonetheless, many people use machine translation for simple everyday translation, and its use is expected to rise. 


    Today, people continue to use the Internet to make their lives easier, and businesses must take advantage of the opportunities. Sellers should globalize their web portals to expand their reach. In addition, they must localize their websites to give them a local flavor. Because of that, demand for translation services is growing, especially in growth areas like the ones mentioned in this article.




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