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  • Things That Should Be Taken Care of With Practical Technical Translations

    Certified Translation

    Immigration is a complex process to navigate in the best of times and a particularly thorny one at the worst. Keeping track of various documents in multiple languages can be a difficult task, let alone handling things like U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service's certified translation requirements. While finding someone willing to do a translation is one thing, finding people to handle technical translations is entirely another. We would recommend that you keep certain things in mind when you're searching for USCIS certified translation services.


    Organize An Application Timeline


    Immigration and citizenship applications both take time. There are certain documents you might need to submit immediately, others that can be delivered after the process begins, and more than might be requested along the way. Gather information about your application before you start, to give yourself a better idea of what you might need translated and when. Having a basic translation timeline set will make it easier for us to help you figure out the speed at which you will need certain documents translated, and the expected rates.


    A timeline is also a good way to remind yourself of what is going on at any given point in your application process. Did you send in the necessary files for this particular section? It might also be a good time to check on what would be due for the next, or how much time you have left to complete your application.


    Check Requirements and Records


    As the USCIS requires that every document that you submit in support of an application or petition must include a complete English translation, many of our translators have the necessary experience and qualifications to provide USCIS certified translation services.


    Certain civil documents and statistics records, however, might not easily be available to you. In that situation, you should find resources that can provide you with suggestions and information on where and how to acquire substitutes. Check your records before you begin the application process to determine what documents you have versus the ones you might be missing. The sooner you know what you might be short on, the faster you can find alternatives. If you have all of your alternatives to go at the same time, it should be easier to have them translated at or around the same time as your main documents.


    Prepare All Necessary Documents in Advance


    At The Spanish Group, we pride ourselves on our experience with various types of translations, but it never hurts a translator to have some advance knowledge of what they might be working with. Even providing a brief list of the forms you think you might need further down the line can help us determine what branch of our expertise in technical terminology will be most applicable to you.


    Even if you do not plan on having everything translated at once, keeping us informed of what documents you may need to be completed will allow us to plan our approach for what translation assignments might come. Having the applicable term banks and translation guides ready in advance might help cut down on waiting time, or allow us to spend more time on the document itself.


    Regardless of which documents your application might require, everything you plan to send in will need an English translation if it happens to be in another language. Focus on your own application and let us worry about getting the translations done for you. Using a professional translation group helps to ensure quality across the board, as well as the ability to meet fast deadlines and strict timelines. If you need USCIS certified translation services, always go for a professional translation group that offers you industry experience, with best quotes on multilingual translations.


    The Spanish Group offers professional translations for every niche. Are you a business or an independent blogger or entrepreneur? We can help you channel your voice to millions of multilingual audiences. For the best quote on any translation service, get in touch with us here.