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  • How Professional Translation Services Help Brands Look Professional and Sell More

    For many, it is not hard to understand that getting a qualified translation service is a necessary step for presenting a  professional and intelligent face to the customer. It is no secret that customers will be more skeptical and more hesitant to buy from a company that is misspelling and has other grammar mistakes. However, the benefits of receiving a professional translation go well beyond simply making your brand speak more accurately.


    In this piece, we are going to quickly look at some of the benefits of professional translation services that are often overlooked. By the end, you should have a much better idea as to why investing in translation is the intelligent choice.


    What Is a Professional Translator?

    In the United States, there is no clear line that separates amateur and professional translators. A professional translator in the United States is technically anyone who makes money translating documents. There is no certification process that an individual must pass to work in translation. However, with that being said, several certifications and University degrees may be required before a serious company or translation agency will hire the individual.


    At The Spanish Group, we employ only the top 1% of language experts working today. This means that all of our translators are both highly certified and have years of proven real-world experience.


    For example, outside of a large body of proven work, you will typically want your translator to have a Spanish translator certification from an organization like the American Translators Association (ATA) so that you can be sure that they understand what they are doing.


    While several organizations have Spanish translator certification tests, the American Translators Association (ATA) is considered the standard for what is expected from your basic translator. In some countries, there will be nationally standardized tests and certifications for such roles.



    How Professional Translation Can Enhance Your Business

    The following are some ways that professional translation can help your business that are not often remarked upon.


    Professional Translation Can Boost Your Brand Image


    The way that customers perceive your brand is essential to your long term health and growth in a market. For those companies looking to take advantage of our digital age and expand into new markets, you want your brand to be perceived positively by your new target customers. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


    Coming off as an intelligent and knowledgeable brand will help customers perceive you as trustworthy. 


    Professional translation will ensure that you are saying exactly what you mean to say and saying it to the best of your abilities when interacting with these customers. The trick here is that a good professional translator will not be saying exactly the same thing as your initial statement -they will adjust things around the new language.  Almost no two languages work in a  direct one-to-one translation, and if you want to be effective, you need to be able to use figures of speech, metaphors, cliches, and idioms in the new language. A professional translator is able to take the intention of what you are saying and put it into the new language in an effective manner (often called transcreation).



    Professional Translations Can Boost Your Sales Numbers


    Being more effective with your customer interactions will help you to attract more buyers and make more sales. Good translation will help you create effective marketing in the new market, help you better assist and communicate with new customers, and help you follow up and create long-term customer relationships.


    Professional translators will also help you to truly localize your services to the new market. When you can fully present a product in a manner that is suitable to a new culture and language, you will see your sales in that area grow. People all over the world value their culture and tend to support brands that appear local.


    For example, a translator with a Spanish Translator certification should be able to not only translate your materials into Spanish, but should also be able to help you rewrite certain phrases or taglines to better fit the intended audience. While a Spanish Translator certification does not entail this skill set, localization is the type of expertise you should expect from a professional translator.


    If you are working with a translator for the first time, ask about their policy regarding localization and transcreation and make sure they fit your needs.


    Professional Translations Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes


    Poor or lackluster translations can lead to a number of mistakes, all of which can be costly when it comes to your brand image and eventual sales. Perhaps the biggest, and most obvious mistake you could make these days is accidentally causing offense to the audience you were hoping to attract. There are countless cultural and linguistic pitfalls that come along with a new language, and without a professional you risk saying the wrong thing and upsetting the wrong people.


    Bad translation can also cause a bad or confusing user experience. Your websites, app, or general customer service might end up being frustrating and driving away sales. Professional translation services can ensure that your customers find your services easy to use and understand.


    Even search engines will punish you for the mistakes you make in translation. You risk using the wrong keywords or phrases and not being able to rank highly in Google, dramatically hindering your ability to grow and attract customers.


    High-Quality Translations Help Your Bottom Line

    As you should be able to see reading through this article, there is much more to justify investing in a professional translation than may at first be apparent. Good translation will help you better interact with customers, make sales, and grow your market share; and it is the only way to effectively expand in the global marketplace.


    So, you need a professional translator? Rather than spend time Googling for experts who have passed a Spanish translator certification, you can instead contact us here at The Spanish Group where we can quickly and easily help you translate documents in over 90+ languages!