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  • Can a Translation Agency Boost Your Content Quality for Marketing Campaigns?

    Certified Translation

    One may think that translation agencies are only used in order to communicate with the foreign market in their local language, but you must understand that this is just one of the benefits offered by translation agencies.


    With globalization and virtualization becoming a new normal for everyone out there, the rise of translation agencies from just as an option to a necessity is no surprise. There is no way anyone can survive without the services offered by translation agencies, especially if you are targeting a market beyond the boundaries of your country. If you master the art of using the services offered by translation agencies, then you will harness many benefits out of it. And one of those benefits that you will get after choosing an ideal translation agency is streamlining of your content quality for marketing campaigns.


    Content has become one of the key assets of all the firms out there as the digital era is being ruled by the same. Whether it is a Facebook ad campaign or just blogs and articles along with company websites, you will have to use content in the best possible way and find ways to improve your marketing campaigns through it.


    Since translation is directly related to your content and content is the key to a successful marketing campaign, the relation between translation and marketing campaigns can’t be ignored completely.
    In this blog post, we are going to discuss how the services provided by a translation agency can help you in using your content for streamlining your marketing campaign instead of just trying Google Translate Mexican Spanish.


    Helps in penetrating wider markets


    If you are planning for quick and easy translation, then you will definitely go with Google Translate Mexican Spanish but there is no use of it as a translation is not only about A, B, C. It requires a much deeper sense of knowledge and understanding (culture vise) in order to successfully translate a document.
    If you are able to use the services of a translation agency instead of using Google Translate Mexican Spanish, then you will be able to penetrate wider markets with your existing content strategy.


    You can take the example of China which is one of the most spiritual countries in the world and this is why you will require a deeper understanding of their culture in order to penetrate their market with your marketing campaign. Let’s say, KFC plans to launch its slogan ‘Finger Licking Good’ but this doesn’t transfer well to Chinese as it might sound like consuming one’s body part. Well this is where a translation agency can help you.


    With an ideally translated content, your marketing campaign will directly add value to the life of your consumers instead of misleading them or conveying the wrong message.


    Builds trust


    If you are just trying to sell products through your content used in the marketing campaign, then you will reach nowhere and this is why most of the firms out there focus on building trust with their target markets through their marketing campaign.


    But when you look at some of the most common stats on language preference, then you will find out that most of the people prefer consuming content in their own language - If the translation agency translates the content used in your marketing campaign, then you will be able to successfully generate a positive multilingual experience for all the users.


    This will allow you to build trust among the prospects and customers as they will be consuming content in their own preferred language. This will further increase your revenue as well because in this case, your revenue will also increase since people on the internet prefer to buy from only those websites that offer content in their mother tongue, making it easier for them to understand!


    This is another reason to always use the services of a translation agency instead of relying on Google Translate Mexican Spanish.


    Improves SEO


    All the firms out there are investing millions in order to get on top of the search result. Well, it is your SEO strategy that can let you do that. There are many different tips and tricks used by SEO experts in order to rank higher but do you know that even the translation services that you are using can boost your SEO ranking?


    These days search engine optimization and marketing are becoming a matter of prime concern for most of the firms. This becomes crucial when you are trying to penetrate the desired market through your content used in the marketing campaign.


    If you are able to use a multilingual SEM/SEO strategy in order to deliver content in various languages then Google will consider this as a positive sign for your website and thus your ranking will improve.
    This is why even if you are just trying to target a new market with your website, then you will need to get your website translated into the local language. This will keep the communication clear and it will help you in ranking better as well.


    Increase website content traffic


    You may find it surprising but you should know that you use the services offered by a translation agency in order to boost website traffic through your content as well. You might have heard about Neil Patel and if you don’t, then he is one of the top ranking web content influencers and he is also one of the marketers out there as well.


    If you go through his blog How to Increase your website traffic through translation, then you will understand that translating your website content into different languages can boost your website traffic by almost 47%. This simply means that if you use a translation agency instead of Google Translate Mexican Spanish this will act as a magic wand for your website traffic.


    Translating your website into different languages will not only allow more people to land on your page but it will also generate traction for your page. Even the search query impressions will increase by many folds if you use the services of a translation agency in order to translate your website.


    Higher conversion rate


    Just working on generating leads will never work as you will also have to work on converting those leads into actual customers and this can be done with the help of services provided by a translation agency. You must follow the famous saying ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands then it will go to his brain. But if you talk to a man in his own language then it will go to his heart’.


    With the help of translation services, you will be able to better localize your offerings and since people will be preferring you over others using a foreign language, the conversion from prospect to lead and from lead to a customer will start happening much faster.


    When you start talking with your leads and prospects in their own language, then you will have to deal with lesser funnel leaks and thus most leads will get converted. This can prove to be highly profitable for your company since most of the companies lose their future customer in the sale funnel only.


    Being able to communicate with your target market in the language they understand is just one of the benefits of using the services offered by translation agencies. As in the age of digitization, translation agencies can help you with your content quality in marketing campaigns as well.


    If you choose the right translation company like The Spanish Group, then your content quality will improve automatically and thus the outcomes of your marketing campaign will also improve.