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  • An Actionable Localization Strategy: Tips to Ensure Global Branding Success


    global branding sucess

    To become successful at global branding you must consider your international audience. You image is critical because you need positive responses from your desired audiences. An excellent example is the thriving Spanish market. In order to gain the benefits of this market you must have an accurate Spanish translation. Although maintaining the desired look for your company is important, targeting the preferences of the different regions to meet their requirements is critical. In order to make this happen you must have an excellent localization strategy.

    1. Localizing Your Platform

    No matter how beautiful you have made your website it must embrace the locality it is intended for. Take the time to research your targeted areas so that you understand their culture and which colors, designs, themes, and layouts will have the most impact. Every country has preferences and expectations that you need to meet. Greece and Japan are known for their partiality to images over text while with the Scandinavians you will discover the opposite is true. Do not underestimate the meaning of different colors to certain areas and audiences. A good example is the Indian tradition regarding the color white. This color represents death to these individuals and will probably cause your website to fail in this region. Understanding the specific attributes and requirements of each region will help you successfully market your global brand.

    2. Your Style

    Your style must have an impact on a global basis. While the brand of your company needs to be consistent, your style must be properly understood in the different regions. Accurate Spanish translation guides are a tool to make sure your content is understood. These guides must be available in every language for the areas you want to reach. A linguist can make certain your translations are correct and appropriate. The colors of your logo should not be offensive to any region and must remain consistent throughout your websites. If you are marketing with a mobile app as well, this must contain the same logo and connect with your website. The visual aspects of your website will interact with your audience and this interaction must be positive.

    3. The Features Of Your Brand

    The features and integrity of your brand must be preserved on an international basis. Your potential customers have to be certain of who you are and what you represent. Your brand needs to be easily recognizable. Keep the components that are absolutely essential to your brand but consider alterations in some areas when necessary. This is about respecting the cultural aspects of the different area of the world. In some areas your brand will receive the best representation with the use of images of happy families. Other areas will be more receptive to text detailing of specific products or services. Changing these aspects according to the region will add to the success of your website while maintaining a strong image of your brand.


    Global branding requires adaptability and flexibility. A successful global brand will not happen instantly but with the proper research and planning you can achieve a successful and well known global brand. For quality Spanish translation, get in touch with us!