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  • Avoid This Huge Mistake: International Brands Lost in Translation

    Certified Translation

    The power of language is immeasurable; the ability to effectively convey thoughts, feelings and ideas hinge on communication. According to the Faculty Focus author, Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D., “language influences thought and action. The words we use to describe things, to ourselves and others, affects how we think and act.” When a language barrier exists between two parties it can impede business relationships; intentions may be misconstrued and valuable information can be lost in translation. The best way to circumvent a language barrier is to utilize a language translation service. Quality language translation services ensure that all communications are culturally correct and consistent, which is especially critical when discussing matters that are complex in nature.


    Business Growth Through Language

    Although translation services can interpret a variety of languages, Spanish is the most common one. The Spanish language ranks as the 2nd most widely spoken language behind Chinese; Spanish is also one of the official languages of the UN (United Nations). Why is this important? The ability to communicate with prospective customers in their native language allows businesses to expand into foreign markets. Many companies have already established a foothold in South American Markets, and have done so by aligning themselves with premier language translation companies. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries; being able to conduct business, via an interpreter, means that a company has the potential of reaching upwards of 470 million native speakers, which could strengthen existing business relationships or forge new ones.


    Choosing the Right Translation Service

    Quality language translation services will place an emphasis on the following:
    Ensured quality

    Culturally correct




    The ability to relay information with precision is critical; information that is complex or technical in nature requires specialized translation. Any deviation or embellishments during translation can result in information being taken out of context; misinterpretation, even with the best intentions, can change the entire dynamic between speakers. Culturally correct translation is equally important; the Spanish language, for example, has many small variances from region to region.


    A quality Spanish translation agency will ensure that appropriate dialects are taken into account when translating information. Lastly, it’s imperative that you seek out a translation service that prides themselves on consistency; the quality of the interpretation should be consistent from interpreter to interpreter.


    The Consequence of Misinterpretation 

    Although expanding into foreign markets can be lucrative; companies that choose to do so should be cognizant that language and cultural barriers can alter how a company is perceived. A perfect example would be car manufacturer Chevrolet. The Chevy Nova, although popular in the United States, suffered poor sales in the Spanish-speaking market. Why? Because the name “Nova” when translated in Spanish meant “doesn’t go.” Had this folly been known prior to introducing the Nova to the Spanish market, Chevrolet would have avoided a great deal of embarrassment.


    The right Spanish translation agency can help a business avoid these types of blunders; ensuring that your brand is not compromised and that any information being translated is relayed correctly. Get a free price quote right away!