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  • Should We Only Trust a Professional to Translate a Birth Certificate?

    Your birth certificate is one the most important documents in your life.


    Not only does it certify your official existence in this world, it will also be a consistent requirement as you apply for jobs and social benefits, in schools and for immigration.


    As you cross borders and explore new places and opportunities, you will soon find that you’ll likely need your birth certificate translated. While not as comprehensive as other documents that are usually translated, birth certificate translation is a delicate translation job because it represents and establishes identity.


    Generally, translated documents must match the source texts as closely as possible. This is especially paramount when it comes to birth certificate translation, where the slightest discrepancy (even the small details like seals and numbers) might cause delays, unnecessary additional expenses, and even rejection of the translated document.


    The advantage of working with a professional birth certificate translation service provider is that you can benefit from their experience. Translating often requires knowledge and understanding of another language’s culture because words vary in meaning depending on the context of its use. A professional translator can apply this experience to your birth certificate translation.


    Birth certificates also have different formats in different civil registries so it is important to choose a translator that has experience in the language you are translating to. According to Alfonso Martinez, general manager at The Spanish Group, track record is also an important criterion in selecting a birth certificate translation service provider. “The translator must have 100 percent acceptance rate at all major organizations, schools and government offices especially the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services,” he said. “This kind of track record is the ultimate test of a translation company’s legitimacy and expertise.”


    For English to Spanish (or vice versa) birth certificate translations, choosing a company that focuses on Spanish alone also has an advantage because it guarantees focused service and therefore, better output.


    Martinez added, “The Spanish language, in itself, is a diverse language that varies depending on where it is spoken and who speaks it. Focusing on Spanish alone allows us to ensure that our Spanish birth certificate translations are accurate and reliable down to the last punctuation mark because Spanish is our sole expertise.”




    Lorenzo Saavedra is a San Francisco-based Colombian writer. He has a degree in Journalism and Economics from the University of Miami where he graduated with Latin honors. He is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, and also speaks “some Arabic.”



    During his time in the university, he wrote about Cuban-American population and relations, and the incorporation of Cuban-Americans into mainstream American society.



    Lorenzo juggles his time between working as a freelance writer and travelling which is also a source of inspiration for many of his works. His favorite topics are politics and social issues, literary and film criticism, and business.


    Lorenzo enjoys going to the beach and learning about new languages.