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  • Why You Need to Translate Your Website

    Certified Translation

    Almost all businesses, including those that produce from their home kitchens and garages, have websites, Instagram accounts, or some sort of web presence. Everybody understands that the internet is a way to bring their businesses straight to their customers. 


    What's new?


    During the last few years, many businesses have added multiple language options through dropdown buttons on their websites. There are also those who replicated their websites in different languages and website extensions like .cn (China), .ru (Russia), etc. 


    A vast majority of local websites, however, remain available in only one language. Many business owners still do not understand that translating their websites is more than necessary in today's business climate. Website translation had become a necessity and not simply a means to look good in the eyes of the casual internet surfer.


    Here are some Reasons why You Must Have Your Website translated:


    1) Reach More Customers in Your Own Country. 


    In the United States, for instance, there are forty-seven (47) million immigrants. In addition, there were 79.44 million tourists before the Covid19 pandemic. Translating your website to their languages makes your business available to millions of new customers. If a tiny percentage of them spend a few dollars on your business, that can translate to millions of dollars of additional revenue. 


    2) Reach New Customers in Other Countries


    The United Nations estimates that this planet will have eight (8) billion people by November 2022. The World Bank also determined that 60% of the world's population has internet access. That's about 4.8 billion people who can potentially view your website. However, maximizing your reach cannot be possible if your website is solely in English because it is spoken only by 1.5 billion people. Therefore, translating your website to more languages will enable you to reach many more.


    3) Reach New Customers/Suppliers in New Markets


    While relaxing in my living room, I now shop for quality baseball gear in Japan. Buying it directly from the source can be cheaper and lessens the possibility of buying fakes. A few years ago, I could not have done it because I couldn't understand Japanese websites. But direct shopping is now possible thanks to translated Japanese online stores and multilingual customer service officers responding to my queries. When you translate your website, speakers of other languages can understand and buy your products.


    4) Create New Markets


    Your products may be useful in other countries in ways that you do not know. By having your website translated, people will understand what your products are all about and may find it an ingenious solution to their needs. For instance, a sports-themed beverage and a powdered juice drink are now popular with millions of alcohol-consuming Filipinos. They like to mix it with local gin and rum brands. For sure, the sports drink and powdered juice manufacturers didn't intend to sell their products to alcohol-loving people. If those companies didn't bring their products to the Philippine market, the demand would not have been created. You need not immediately get your physical products overseas. You can just start by translating your website into other languages.


    5) Your Competitors, Big and Small, are Already Sailing for Your Market


    There's just no stopping foreign businesses from selling to your local customers. Hit back. Hit first. Make them busy defending their territory. Would you rather be the invading army or the one running and defending his territory?


    6) Pioneering Advantage


    Translate your website and start selling to new markets before your local competitors start. When they finally decide to follow, you have already established bases and conquered new land.


    7) Increase Website Traffic and Revenue


    Translating your website results in more of your pages getting indexed by search engines. Because of that, you also improve the possibility of reaching more customers and increasing sales.


    8) Localized Content and World Class Services


    Translating your website will allow other people to send feedback. As a result, you can improve the quality of your products and gain new loyal followers.


    Now that you have learned some excellent reasons why you need to have your website translated, you may ask what languages you need to have your website translated into.


    Before you translate your website, determine the languages spoken by:


    1) Tourists and immigrants who visit your physical stores.

    2) Tourists and immigrants that you want to buy your products.

    2) Foreigners who write through your website.

    3) People who visit your website. This can be determined by examining your website analytics.


    At this point, you should have realized the importance of getting your website translated into many other languages. There are eight billion people in this planet and being able to communicate with as many of them as possible is crucial to business survival and success.


    For your translation needs, you may contact the Spanish Group.