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  • Why Global Businesses Need Legal Translation Services

    When your business has expanded to the point where the customers and employees you interact with on a regular basis transcend state, cultural, and linguistic borders, the amount of legal and language requirements you must meet increases exponentially.


    Expanding into new markets in new countries (or sometimes new regions of the same country) can be highly lucrative but also fraught with challenges. You will need to contend with employee Visas, complex business contracts, and a series of other legal requirements that will need to be brought from one language into another. While these needs are relatively simple to meet, even small mistakes can result in substantial financial losses, the rejection of documents, or the inability to work with a particular employee. Due to the high stakes involved with international business and legal issues, companies typically rely on professionals for their legal translation needs.



    Every industry will have some form of legal translation requirements when you are working across state borders.


    Most business owners understand that they will need a professional translator to help them handle their legal translation services, but they do not fully understand exactly what they should expect from a translator, what the benefits are to hiring one, and why you will want to invest significantly in securing the best possible legal translator or translation service you can find.


    This article aims to quickly summarize why global businesses need Legal Translation Services and what they can expect from an experienced and skilled translation service like The Spanish Group.


    The Benefits of Certified Legal Translation Services:

    If you fail to use an experienced legal translation expert, there are a variety of pitfalls and hurdles you are likely to face.  Here are only a few of the benefits of working with a professional translation service. Each of these needs goes well beyond simple word replacement and phrase choice.


    Better Overall Quality Management

    The first and most obvious benefit to working with a proper professional legal translation service is that the translator in question has either gone through some form of certification process or has considerable experience working within the language and the necessary legal field. As we will discuss in our further points, a lack of relevant experience can cause significant issues for your company down the road.


    There may be a variety of specific terminology and formatting required with your legal documents, and you want to rely on someone who has dealt with these needs before.



    Certified Legal Translations in 90+ Languages!


    Certified Language Professionals Skilled in Every Major World Language.


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    Many legal issues require specific industry knowledge as well as a localized legal understanding of the issues relevant to your business. Professional legal translators will be well versed in what is needed and what should be removed from your legal documents.


    Even in the same language, legal documents will use terminology and phrases that the average person won’t recognize or understand. This is the same in other languages. You will need someone who speaks the language and understands the unique legal requirements of your industry in the region you are dealing with.


    Even if someone is fluent in a language, they will likely not understand the unique requirements for an industry without the proper experience or training.



    Legal Documents Often Have Specialized Formats

    Even if an individual is fluent in the language and has worked in the industry, they still may not understand how to put together the necessary legal documents properly. A specialized legal translator will understand the ins and outs of assembling these documents. These can be everything from legal disclaimers to boilerplate statements and are especially common in immigration forms and applications.


    Ensure Accuracy and Avoid Needless Errors

    This may seem redundant with quality control already being listed, but there are some extra unique issues that can arise from simple mistakes in international documents. Perhaps one of the most devastating mistakes that could be made due to using a poorly vetted or inexperienced translator is causing offense or alienating your intended audience. Many times the meaning of a statement will be lost in translation, and you risk causing offense if not handled properly.


    More specifically, even small mistakes can cause massive delays with legal documentation. Even small errors with your name on a document can cause challenges and uncertainties in court proceedings. You may even find your business being handed financial penalties or even lawsuits due to translation errors. Opposing lawyers will likely attempt to focus on phrasing or individual words to question a legal document. Very often, seemingly benign words will carry unintended cultural meanings. For these reasons you need to rely on experts for your legal translations.



    Certified Legal Translations in 90+ Languages!


    Certified Language Professionals Skilled in Every Major World Language.


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    You May Require a Certificate of Accuracy

    Many international governments and courts will require that documents that are to be submitted receive a certificate of accuracy. These certificates simply attest to the accuracy and quality of a legal translation and will be a boon to both sides of the legal proceedings.


    Working with a professional translation service will make obtaining a certificate of accuracy much more straightforward. At The Spanish Group, we are able to include these types of certificates along with your translation upon request.



    Need Skilled Legal Translation Services?

    As this article should have made clear, there is more value and need in a legal translator than simply taking words from one language into another. This is a highly skilled and specialized service that often takes years to properly understand. Luckily, at The Spanish Group, we have spent nearly a decade sourcing the very best international legal translators. We currently employ the top 1% of legal experts working today and can offer you guaranteed legal translations for over 90 major languages!


    Give us a call today and let us help you take on the challenges of global business. We will help make even the most complex and challenging legal documentation demands a painless and straightforward process. Our friendly and helpful support staff is standing by twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to take your calls and receive your requests.