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  • Why You Want a Translator Who is an Expert in Your Industry

    While almost everyone has a pretty good understanding of what translation services are and how they work, most do not understand the unique challenges that go into a translation. Even fewer understand how these challenges are made even more pronounced when you are dealing with a unique industry and the terminology that goes along with it. 


    At The Spanish Group, we provide specialized online translator services for a wide variety of industries, including complex and essential sectors such as health and legal services. We know how important it is that the person translating your industry-related documents understands the context and purpose of the translation in question. 


    However, the reason an experienced expert is so important may not be as apparent to some. We are often asked: "Why do I need an industry expert? Doesn't a translator just replace words between languages? Why do they have to understand what is being said?" In this article, we will answer these questions and break down the reasons why you want your translator to be experienced and well-versed in the industry they are translating for. 


    At The Spanish Group, we provide you more than simply another online translator; we offer translation teams containing the top industry experts working today. In this article, we will explain why this is so important.


    Translation is More Than Word Replacement


    The first misconception that many have about translation is that it is simply the act of replacing words, taking a word from one language, and plugging in a word from another language. The truth is that languages do not conform to the same rules as one another, and simply replacing single words will not result in phrasing that makes sense. Some languages are so different that the entire structure of a paragraph may have to change or entire thoughts be added or omitted.


    All translators and interpreters, from in-person court interpreters to your independent online translator, have to understand the original meaning and intention of what is being said in the original language and then reinterpret that meaning into a new language. Accuracy in meaning is the main goal for a translator; the word choice and usage is secondary. 


    Metaphors are an excellent example of common phrases that simply do not translate directly into a new language. Metaphors involve aspects of culture and history that those who speak another language are not likely to understand. A translator must decide how to best handle such an occurrence, either simplifying the metaphors so the readers can understand or replacing it with a similar saying in the new language.


    Specialized Industry Translators bring together cultural knowledge, industry knowledge, and language capabilities to create and recreate effective messaging. 


    These complexities involved with translation are only accentuated by the needs of addressing the unique terms and phrases of an industry. A translator who is not knowledgeable about an industry in both languages will have significant difficulties correctly translating documents with complete accuracy. To put it simply,  If you don't understand the meaning of a phrase or term, you cannot reliably translate it, and many industries are dense with unique terms and phrases that can make it very difficult to understand for the uninitiated. 


    The medical field has perhaps the most significant ramifications for even the most minor mistakes. A translator attempting to translate medical materials without proper understanding of the subject matter risks seriously harming the patient. This is actually something that happens all too often in the medical field. These mistakes happen just as often in other industries as well; they just don't make the news as often as those of the medical variety (for obvious reasons).


    When you are choosing an online translator, you want someone who understands what they are reading, and how to best put it into a new language so it can be properly understood in the correct context.


    Even small mistakes can lead to big problems, as this funny video about a German Coast Guardsman demonstrates perfectly. When you are creating marketing materials, internal training manuals, and all sorts of other messaging, there is no telling what type of damage or issues poor translations may cause. We live in a world where lawsuits and offended customers are an everyday reality; mistranslation is one of the fastest ways to cause problems of both types.


    Reduce Mistakes, Reduce Overall Costs

    As we alluded to before, a knowledgeable translator will help you avoid insulting or providing incorrect information to customers. Accurate translations will also help you avoid confusing your employees. Poor transitions can often lead to mistakes, which in turn cause delays and the loss of earnings. By ensuring you are communicating as precisely as possible at all times, you are able to avoid unnecessary delays and unforeseen expenses. This avoidance of cost should be factored into your evaluation of the value of a translation service. 


    Ask yourself, can you afford the types of mistakes that mistranslations can cause? The value of entering a new market can be easily offset by offending and alienating that market with poor translations. Don't cut corners and hurt your business's ability to grow in the long run.


    Need an Online Translator That Understands Your Industry?

    As this article should have hopefully made clear, that small increase in cost that can come from using an experienced and trained industry expert for a translator is easily offset by the increased accuracy, efficiency, and insurance that using such an expert proves. In fact, better translations can make your business more efficient and your marketing more effective when employed correctly.


    If you need an online translator to help your business with its translations, you shouldn't hesitate to contact us at The Spanish Group. We can provide online translators with real world, first-hand experience in a wide variety of industries, including legal services, manufacturing, the medical field, education, and much more. We can also provide these services in over ninety languages! 


    We employ roughly the top 1% of translators working today and offer expedited services, including translations done as fast as the same day. 


    Contact us now, and let's get started on your industry-related translations!