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  • What Are the Main Factors for Achieving a Good Work Climate?

    Certified Translation

    Many times we have seen, heard or suffered from this bad atmosphere in the workplace. Where do we notice it?


    As clients, in a poor, listless and unsatisfactory service. As friends, in the talks in which they use us as confessors to tell us how badly they are suffering in their workplaces. And as employees or employers, in our respective work environments.


    What Are Some of the Main Factors


    We can list many factors that influence the emotional dynamics of a work environment to be negative. For example, if an employee is not happy with the job and the tasks he or she has to carry out, is there any self-criticism on his or her part? Is he or she preparing to move forward within the company? Does he or she have any possibilities to grow within the company? Do his or her superiors recognize the effort he or she is making?


    All these aspects influence the attitude of the professional within a work group, because the performance will be affected, since he or she can interpret that his or her effort is not recognized and, obviously, the productivity will decrease.


    Who Is Responsible


    We can assure that the responsibility does not fall on just one person. Everyone has their share of responsibility within the pyramid. On the one hand, it is fundamental the vision of the superior to value the capacities of the employees and, within the possibilities, to try to assign them those tasks for which he/she considers that they are better qualified, to make them feel important within the structure, no matter how small the task is, and to recognize the effort made and the result obtained.


    On the other hand, the obligation of any person carrying out an activity is to do it in the best possible way. When the employee carries out his or her obligations within a company and obtains recognition from the superiors, from verbal to monetary recognition, a better work climate will be generated in the sum of the individualities.


    How to Achieve a Good Result

    • It is the superior's responsibility to provide each employee with the best tools to carry out their work, giving them the possibility to express their opinions at certain times, mainly in matters related to their area of influence.
    • It is important to create situations to enhance the value of the group over the individual, and to instill the values of the company, which must be reflected in day-to-day details. When the employee feels valued and respected within a group and adopts the values of the company in which he/she works because he/she feels identified and shares them, the results will inevitably be better and adverse situations will be resolved naturally, because the well-being of the group will be above the individual.
    • Always keep in mind that behind every employee there is an individual with different expectations, problems, training, education, and that the greatest virtue of a boss or manager is to see how to create a homogeneous group starting from different individualities, enhancing the virtues and minimizing the weaknesses.


    No one Said It Was Easy


    This is not an easy process, but it is also not something that requires much time. By following these guidelines and tips, the results will soon be there and, let's be honest, isn't it better to work in a pleasant environment and feel valued?


    The key is teamwork and respect for the other person, whatever their rank in a company, entity or organization.


    Courtesy of The Spanish Group, Certified Translation Services