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    Certified Translation

    While from the outside, it may seem like all a translator does is take words from one language and transfer them into another; the truth is much more complicated. Proper translation takes years to master, as a language more often than not doesn’t work as a simple one to one transfer of words. Idioms, cliches, and intention must be understood and mastered, and this process only becomes more complicated when you add in a technical skillset like clinical research or manufacturing.


    While owner manuals are one aspect of technical translation we all may be familiar with, this skill set relates to all areas that deal with the application of scientific and technological information. Knowledge of specialized terminology and complete subject comprehension is needed for accurate technical translation.


    In this article, we will take a look at some of the more common variations of technical translation and where you can go to get these types of translations done quickly and easily.


    Understanding Technical Translation Services


    A technical translation will require a vast amount of field-specific knowledge before they can likely be considered accurate. Translators will need to know the abbreviations, terms, and even formatting of the specific paperwork for a specific industry before they should be trusted to translate it. This level of knowledge and expertise can take years to master, and a good technical translator for your field is often a tremendous asset.

    • Some specialists, like a medical translator, can be considered technical translators due to the highly specialized nature of their work but are more often put into their own medical translation services category.


    • Other forms of technical work, such as academic evaluation services or credential evaluation services for employment, immigration, and university admissions, are similar to technical translation work but may require a different set of specialists.



    Some Common Forms of Technical Translation


    The following are some examples of business translation services and document translation services representing forms of technical translation.

    ●    Patent Translation
    A specialized attorney and subject-knowledgeable translators are necessary to get patents adequately translated. You need experts with an understanding of national filing requirements and the ability to transcribe all statements into the proper context and format. The same translation specialists will be necessary for patent litigation and general product informational purposes.


    Mistakes in filing a patent can be devastating for a business or entrepreneur, and investing in translators with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is highly advised.

    ●    User Manuals and Guides
    You also need industry specialists when translating user manuals and guides. These translators need to know the correct terminology that will apply to, and be understood by, the largest swathe of the populace and will ensure your company is not liable for user error. Read through any user manual laying around your house, and you will see just how technical and specific the language is.

    ●    Video Subtitling
    Subtitling, especially for educational or technical videos, requires a deep knowledge of the subject matter and will often need someone who can correctly encompass your video content's proper cultural nuances. This is especially true for educational or technical videos that have specific or detailed information to convey.

    ●    Monitoring Documentation
    There are countless industries with their own nuances and needs. For example, if you work in monitoring software for large machinery, you need a translator who will both understand the terminology you are using, as well as how to convey this necessary information into a foreign language. In some cases, slight cultural or linguistic differences can lead to catastrophic failure in costly machinery. Something as simple as knowing when to convert over from the metric system can save a company thousands of dollars.

    ●    E-Learning
    Many organizations need specialized translation and localization professionals to ensure their E-learning websites and video content can be utilized by users of various backgrounds. Very often, training and teaching concepts will need to be reconfigured to meet a new cultural context. You will repeatedly need a translator who understands the subject matter and how to empathize with the viewer to ensure all information is conveyed and presented in a way that is most conducive to a learning environment for that culture and language.

    ●    Legal Document Translation
    Legal translation is a highly specialized and technical field. You will need a highly trained and knowledgeable industry translator in order to get a translation you can trust. A commonly requested example of this is USCIS document translation, which requires a translator with a knowledge of immigration matters and USCIS document standards.

    ●    Scientific Reports
    Scientific reports are both publication-quality manuscripts, as well as highly technical documents whose information must be meticulously checked. Pages after pages of information regarding experiments, surveys and other highly technical information rewritten in the new language can easily become a mess for one who is inexperienced in handling such projects.


    Being published in an international journal also typically requires some subtleties that specialized translators will be able to provide.

    ●    White Paper Translation
    A white paper is a reflection of the company and must be able to both accurately inform, and convince potential investors of the quality and capabilities of an organization. A bad translation of a White Paper can have negative ramifications for years to come and can cost a business or organization great deals of work and money. Being able to translate a white paper into multiple languages accurately ensures that it will be read by the widest possible audience, in a tongue they are comfortable with. This requires a translator, who once again must be fluent in both the language and industry they are writing for.

    ●    Product Catalog
    A product catalog is a marketing piece that collates all of the essential products and their details in order to attract buyers. A good product catalog will contain a combination of both technical information, as well as sales copy in order to make the sale. The correct technical translator for this task will understand both the technical information of a line of products, as well as how to properly sell them to the targeted audience.


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