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    Latin America and its Recent Political Events


    The current political situation in Latin America has recently been very agitated. The news concerning political and social events in the region continue appearing week in and week out, and these are not always encouraging situations for the citizens. Even though most of the world’s countries appear to be going through some sort of change, Latin America is characterized by the brotherhood which links its countries.


    The political, economic and social relations in Latin America have been historically synchronized, and this is possibly due to the slower development which characterizes all of its countries as compared to those of other regions. Over the last few months many serious problems have come to light which affect several countries in the area. Corruption, political scandals, changes in government, a deteriorating economy and many other such stories saturate the world news.


    Latin American Politics in the Spotlight


    • Some of the serious problems which affect Latin American countries are related to political corruption, a topic which is always present in many governments. The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has been involved in a political scandal which also reached the ex-president Lula. The scandal is so great that there is a current movement to bring about a political trial for no one less than the current President. The headache for both politicians began with a report to hinder justice in the management of the state run Oil Company Petrobras.
    • Things in Venezuela aren’t much better. For a long time President Maduro has had to deal with several attempts to discredit him through serious accusations. From political prisoners to the lack of edible products and medicine throughout the entire country, where everything seems to be the result of a mismanaged political system with serious consequences to the population. The President of Venezuela is in a constant battle with the Parliament due to the political prisoners, and he has recently announced that he will not approve the Amnesty Law.
    • The population of Bolivia also appears to not accept the management of their current President Evo Morales and have decided to vote against him in his reelection.
    • Guatemala has also gone through some hard times and has sent their President and Vice President to prison for unlawful enrichment.


    New Hope for Some Countries


    On the other hand, there are some countries which have had a breath of fresh air, although not without criticism from the opposition. Argentina changed its government this year and is reestablishing its relations with the world; in the same manner, Cuba is looking at other alternatives to their politics which have been stagnant for decades. With the recent visit of President Barack Obama to both countries, it seems as if the attempt to reactivate the economy and relations with the outside world are bearing fruit, this after decades of being practically isolated and closed off.


    Latin America is changing and the population has decided to participate in the change. Latin American citizens seem to have recently grown tired of many things. There mainly appears to be great intolerance towards events of corruption which affect their daily life. The new forms of dialogue with more developed countries demonstrates that not everything is lost, and although the consequences of this have had their toll for years, the course can always be changed towards a path that is more just for everyone.


    Courtesy of The Spanish Group, Certified Translation Services