The Most Popular Hispanic Drinks



In addition to Legal Translation Services, The Spanish Group is always interested in offering information about the cultural diversity around Latin America. Drinks are also part of that cultural life, and they can be enjoyed in different formats, flavors and seasons! There are delicious options for hot summers, cold winters, daytime, night… And, of course, each country has a specialty. Drinks are not only to hydrate our body, but also to share nice moments with friends. Let´s see some of the most popular.


Mouth Watering Drinks


Everybody knows that Brazil is known for its Caipirinha. This traditional drink is a combination of lima, sugar, cachaça and ice. It is so popular than you can find hundreds of videos and recipes on the Internet explaining how to prepare it. You can try it at home, but unfortunately, you would have to imagine the beautiful beaches in your head… In Chile, one of the most popular drinks is called ‘Mote con Huesillo’, made of peaches and wheat. It does not contain alcohol and it is usually sold on the streets. It is ideal for hot summer days. If you travel to Uruguay, you will see people walking with thermos and their typical mate. They drink mate all day long, everywhere! The mate is made of yerba and hot water. On the other hand, Paraguay also has its own mate, but they drink it with ice, and they call it ‘tereré’. Bolivia has a popular drink which is called ‘api’, it can be ‘api blanco’ or ‘api morado’. As many foods and drinks in Bolivia, the ‘api’ is made of corn, and also cinnamon, water, sugar and clover. What a combination! It is especially drunk where the weather is very cold because it is a hot drink. One of the most common drinks in Colombia is the ‘aguapanela’ and it is made of lima juice and sugarcane. If you decide to visit Venezuela, don´t forget to ask for a ‘batido’, a combination of water and lots of fruit that will refresh your mouth with a unique tropical sensation. In El Salvador, you can try the ‘kolachampan’, which is also made of sugarcane. In tropical countries, it is very common to find beverages made of fruit juice due to the hot weather, and they are usually alcohol-free.


Stronger Popular Drinks
When it comes to the nightlife, things get a little bit stronger… If you are visiting Argentina, I would recommend you to try the best beer of the country, for Argentinian people, the best of the world. There are several brands, but the most popular is made in Argentina and exported, and it is bitter than other beers around the world. If we are looking for some action and decide to try alcoholic drinks, The Spanish Group strongly recommends the ‘Cuba libre’ from Cuba. It is made of rum, tropicola and ice. The Dominican Republic also offers strong and well-known drinks, for example, the traditional ‘Mama Juana’, rum, honey and red wine, and a process that results in a unique and tasty drink! Finally, we arrived to the so-called ‘Margarita’, a popular drink that it is the star of many songs. It is a strong drink with lime and tequila, and it comes from Mexico. These last alcoholic drinks are especially suited for nighttime carefree dancing.
These last popular alcoholic drinks are perfect to try when the stars and the moon are watching us dancing and having fun!