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  • Why Quality and Translations Should Go Hand in Hand?

    Certified Translation

    The Importance of High-Quality Levels in Translation

    Businesses rely heavily on appearance. Whether you're showing up for a job interview or trying to close a deal, the way you come off will stick in your interviewer or potential business partner's mind. What backs up a quality appearance is quality service and quality products, to the point that companies might be able to get away with being "under-advertised", but absolutely cannot get past low-quality deliverables. The Spanish Group says that translations fall under both fields, something that people don't often consider.


    The Translation Makes the Look

    Think about the last time you read an article. Was it interesting? Was it well-written? If it wasn't well-written, was it interesting enough to keep you reading? The absolute last thing you want people to do when they're reading something from your business is to wonder, "Is this interesting enough for me to keep trying to read it?" High-quality document translation services like The Spanish Group are a necessary expense when you're doing business on a global scale. A business that does not spend time and effort on getting the highest possible quality translation will look like a business that is not willing to spend time and effort on someone else's needs.


    Communication is the Key to a Happy (Business) Relationship

    It's not just the advice our parents used to give us any more. When it comes to business, understanding and being understood is absolutely paramount. Being willing to invest in your brand's image for one market isn't enough if another market barely knows what you're trying to sell them. Beyond that, there are varying levels of quality between document translation services, ranging from "this product's name is highly inaccurate or inappropriate in another language" to "this particular translation is coming off as insensitive or rude." The higher the quality level in a translation, the better your chances are of being successful in multiple languages.


    Why Quality Equals Reliability

    Some metrics are used as a stand-in for other metrics. Just as appearance matters in business, we tend to judge people based on what we can see of them. Even if we know the person in the flip-flops and khaki shorts is the best seller on the floor, it's hard to picture them walking into a boardroom meeting. Similarly, when we look at a site translated by some computer program, we make a mental note of every grammar and spelling issue we see and remind ourselves that we can't trust everything the translator program tells us.


    If you're dealing with someone who speaks a different language than the one your primary operations are done in, you're going to need a solid team like The Spanish Group to translate your words for them, or theirs for you. This translation will not only be the first image they have of you in their own native language, but also a sample of the kind of time and effort you put into your projects, and putting the burden of translations entirely on them might not be such a good look. Quality and translations must go hand in hand—it makes sense in every language.