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  • Importance of Specialist Translators for Medical Documents



    Today, there are over 244 million immigrants all around the world. This has created a growing need to have medical records translated. It is important that healthcare experts communicate effectively with patients if they are to give the right kind of care.


    There is a chance that a medical worker speaks a different language than their patient. If they do not get access to the right Spanish translation services, for instance, they may end up making a wrong diagnosis and offering flawed treatment. This is a problem faced by most medical practitioners globally.


    1. Consequences of Wrong Translations


    The mistranslation of medical documents takes place quite often. In fact, nearly all claim of medical malpractice by immigrants can be traced back to poor translations. Coupled with the immigrant’s poor understanding of English is usually a recipe for disaster.


    With all the paperwork required to treat a patient, if a medical center ignores the need for a qualified translator, they are putting themselves at the risk of being negligent. When an accurate translation is done, it benefits the entire medical center and the patient.


    Patients will also be able to better understand the kind of treatment they are receiving. This is useful in many ways. For instance, it can help a patient avoid taking an overdose, or it can help them understand the treatment options available to them.


    The rules stipulate that the translation must be written in a standard level language. While automated tools can give you a translation, they will not be able to produce a translation that can be effectively read and understand. If any incidents arise from wrongful translations, the medical center could find itself in a lot of legal trouble.


    2. Why an Expert is needed in Medical Translations


    Medical translations are unique. The translators need to have a background in medicine. The jargon used in this industry is too much for any other type of interpreter to understand. For instance, making a complete translation will entail examining notes that are scribbled in shorthand by doctors.


    Besides that, the documents translated must comply with rules imposed on them. Thus, someone who does not have experience in the medical field may not comply with some of these rules. This could be used as the basis for launching a legal suit that may end up costing millions.


    3. Hire a Specialist Translator


    A mistake made during the translation can thus be quite costly. To avoid any issues such as a wrong diagnosis, a professional translation service will be worth every penny spent. The best part of using a translation company is that you are guaranteed of a high standard translation.


    This is better than asking a member of staff to try to make translations, which they think, are accurate. Although they may be native speakers of the foreign language, they may not have a good understanding of the English language. Thus, they may end up misinterpreting some of the text for the patients and the doctors in the hospital.