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  • How to Translate a Page Into Spanish

    Certified Translation

    The internet has a lot of useful information on web pages bundled together as websites. Away from the internet, there are tons of materials you may want to read, ranging from legal documents published in different languages, works written by academics to official government-issued documents. However, the information can only be useful to you if you can read and understand without struggling. But that is not always the case. Often, you pull up a page or a document, and to your surprise, it is not written in your native language. For instance, if a Spanish birth certificate lands in a native English speaker's hands, perhaps they would not be able to tell it is an official document. And what would a native Spanish speaker make of legal documents written in English? Follow along, and you will know how to translate a page into Spanish.


    There are many avenues for English to Spanish translation online, with the two languages having an intersection of speakers. However, the quality of the translation depends on the tool used and the reader's perception. And given the rising number of translation tools available on the internet, getting an accurate Spanish translator might prove difficult. One of the reasons is that tool creators want to have as huge an audience as possible. While at it, they forget that a lack of accuracy in a translated text may alter content's meanings. Thus, an error in a translated text may not augur well for academicians and people in the legal profession, to mention but a few.


    Translate over 90 languages into Spanish


    Having an audience is not bad for translation tools. The critical issue remains to maintain quality. You can be good at everything, but you would need the expertise to match your claim, and that is the spirit adopted by The Spanish Group in developing the excellent translation platform. The tools and human experts used in translation services by online translation providers provide the most accurate Spanish translation you can get anywhere. The Spanish Group covers over 90 languages delivering high-quality output that you can rely on for any feasible purpose.


    Efficient document translation service


    Several official documents may need to be translated; from marketing campaigns to legal documents. Most of the official documents require seamless and secure translation because the content can be extremely sensitive. Therefore, it is suggested to take professional help in the matter. Now, several websites claim accuracy in translation, but would you be willing to risk so much for saving just a few bucks? 

    If you are looking to get your document translated in Spanish from any other language, it is imperative you make sure that the company uses a blend of machines and humans. The Spanish Group is one such company that offers superlative translation services of professional and legal documents. 


    Reliable website translation


    Suppose you serve people who speak different languages through your website, or you are looking to enter a new market where people use a foreign language. In that case, it's best to have your current website content translated instead of creating a new one. Business website translation is the best service for that. Website translation caters to all the website pages, navigation panels, menus, multimedia, and graphics copy. Besides, you can have a standard website translated in as few as two business days. But if you have special requirements or a bigger website, then we can always make arrangements together. The quality and security of all your data are guaranteed with all the services offered by translation service providers such as The Spanish Group.


    Get legal translation done right.


    If you have worked in the legal profession, you know the importance of accuracy and precision. We understand that as well and aim to deliver the most accurate legal translations you can get. Again, most legal documents are confidential, and we treat them as such. Our translation personnel are bound by non-disclosure agreements as never to share our clients' details or the work they outsource to us. This, coupled with the fact that our website and payment systems use SSL technology, we ensure security for your data at all times. We can handle it all from a Spanish birth certificate, contract agreements, decrees, to immigration documents.


    What are the major languages you translate?


    The Spanish Group has professional translators capable of handling documents websites and legal files in over 90 languages. The primary languages include American and British English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Portuguese. Regardless of the source and destination languages, we assure our customers of a 5-star experience, quick turn-around time — including an option for same-day delivery, and high accuracy in retaining meanings.


    Why work with The Spanish Group?


    • Accuracy & reliability


    The Spanish Group is a certified translation service and a member of the American Translation Association. We handle all tasks with professionalism ensuring a high level of accuracy. Additionally, our previous works have been accepted as a certified translation by many Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies.


    • Confidentiality


    Our professional translators are legally bound to ensure your information's privacy and uphold confidentiality at all costs.


    • Cost efficiency


    Our services are designed for use by people with one-time translation tasks and corporations with regular requirements. Individuals, medium, sized companies, and Fortune 500 companies are all well suited to our English to Spanish translation online services.


    Ready to translate?


    The Spanish Group is ready to translate your documents as soon as you upload them. Further, there are no document type restrictions, and both scanned, and images of documents can be uploaded and translated effectively. Additionally, there are no hidden charges since all prices are calculated before you order the services. You can always trust us to translate sensitive documents like a Spanish birth certificate, legal contracts, land title documents with utmost efficiency.