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  • Expanding Your Business While Hiring a Professional Translator

    Certified Translation in Over 90 Languages

    What companies are you most familiar with? Do they have a social media presence? Can you find them on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? Maybe even all of the above? Reaching out to customers has become more important than ever before and more difficult as well. People will talk about the “feelings” and “impressions” they get from a company before they talk about the goods and services that company offers and companies will go to great lengths to influence the perceptions their customers have. If you want to expand your reach and operate on a global level, you’re going to need a way to be understood on a global level as well.

    How Translation Can Help Expand Your Outreach

    One key issue with building perceptions in a global world is that tone and attitude are not universal. What might come off as cheerful and flippant in one country could seem like an actual insult in another, and if the comparisons are between the United States and Australia, then the language hasn’t even changed yet. A professional translation team has more in the way of resources, which means more ability to learn and understand the culture surrounding a particular language group’s users.   If you need to translate the document into Spanish, why not find a group that can tell you how your finished document will be received, and how better to capture the impressions you’re trying to give off? Instead of trying to maintain a brand on a translation by translation basis, you would be working on your documents with a qualified group of professionals, which gives you the opportunity to continuously create the image you want your customers to perceive.

    Perpetual Motion Perception Making

    When you have to translate the document into Spanish or French or any other language, do you want to focus on getting your message out, or constantly checking on the quality of translations? Professional translation services and their teams are more likely to field vetted, qualified translators for a variety of languages. This is one area where diversification can hurt you. If the majority of your time and resources are spent on trying to find competent translators for each language you need to communicate in, you’ll have much less time to work with those same translators on building and maintaining your company’s public image.   A key part of appealing to your target customer group is a different ball game, and it’s turned into something of a war of approachability. Which companies can seem the most relatable? What social media accounts interact well with consumers? Businesses are in a race to “humanize” themselves, and part of that humanization race includes being able to interact with people while reacting in a consistent way. Working with a professional translation service can help you maintain that image from market to market. Whether you’re looking to expand your services into a new market or planning to reinforce your brand in a current one, you deserve to be secure in the image you’re presenting. When you’re concerned about a major change in the way you do business, you find a quality team that can back your business plan up. Why not find a quality translation service that can help you do the same? Translators are experts at understanding people and making themselves understood. Let The Spanish Group help your business speak the language of your multilingual customer base. Enhance your business’s outreach by speaking the language of a wider customer base ready to be engaged with your brand!