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  • Different Types of Documents That Need Certified Translation


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    A certified translation assures the accuracy of a document. These certified translations are usually provided by professional translation agencies that have years of experience in this field. There are several different types of documents that are going to need certified translation. Take a look:


    1. Immigration Documents

    These are the documents that are going to be required when a person is trying to immigrate to the United States. Once the documents have been properly translated, then the person is going to be able to better understand all of their rights. Plus they will be able to keep in the loop about everything that is going on in their case. This is the best way that you are going to be able to provide your client with all of the valuable information that they need.


    2. Litigation Support

    If it is in a foreign language, you would need to get it translated. This is so that you are going to have a better understanding of what actually happened in the case. Therefore, you are going to know exactly what you need to do in order to help your clients to win their case. When you are looking for a translator for litigation support, they should have three qualities. These three qualities should be a staff that is always available to you, the ability to provide expedited translation services, and a case management system that is efficient.


    3. Legal Contracts

    This is going to be especially true if you have a client who is going to be signing contracts with a person that is in another country. The contract will need to be translated before the contract is finalized or anyone shakes hands. If the document is not translated correctly, then it means that there could be a conflict or a disagreement among the parties involved in the contract. Therefore, you need to make sure that the translation is very precise with the legal terminology that is used.


    4. Corporate Documents

    These are the documents that are going to help protect the larger businesses that are in the United States and foreign countries when they are trying to merge together. Therefore, it is very important that the corporate documents be translated when the company is going to be located in another country. This is going to help save a lot of time and hassle because you are going to be able to stop the chances of any misunderstandings. This is because all of the parties will be on the same page.


    5. Company's Financial Records

    This is the last place that you are going to want any errors occurring. The main goal of the financial records is to be able to maintain all of the facts and figures of the company. The translations will need to know the meaning of all of the numbers that it represents. Most of the financial records are going to be in the form of bank agreements and investments agreements.

    These are the top five types of documents that are going to need to have a certified translation. If you are looking for expert translation agency, get in touch with us today!