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Who Can Translate Death Certificates

Translate Death Certificates

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Dealing with complicated paperwork, and especially items like death certificates, can be both difficult and emotional. You want to ensure that anyone you trust to handle the translations of such an important matter can do so accurately and professionally. Many complications and issues can arise from poor translations and improper handling of this very personal paperwork.


Choosing the correct translation service is paramount to receiving accurate documents. A good agency will also provide the professional privacy and courtesy required for such personal matters. In this post, we are going to delve into the basics of death certificate translations, how to choose the right translation service, and we will end with some tips on how to notarize a death certificate.



  • What is a Death Certificate Translation?
  • Why is Professional Death Certificate Translation Important?
  • 3 Tips for Choosing a Death Certificate Translation Service
    1. Look for a Certified Translation Agency
    2. Look for Recommendations
    3. Read the Reviews
  • How to Notarize a Death Certificate
  • Death Certificate Translation Can be Easy


What is a Death Certificate Translation?


When somebody dies, the majority of governments around the world will issue the individual’s estate a death certificate. This document will typically come from some form of a government agency or a certified medical practitioner. The purpose of a death certificate is to note and certify the time, date, location, and cause of death -as well as the general identification information of the deceased person in question.


There are many reasons why a death certificate may be issued in one language and is later required to be translated into another. Many nations require immigrants to present documents in the language of the destination nation, for instance. An example would be a death certificate in Spanish that needs to be translated to complete the required paperwork of the United States.


Why is Professional Death Certificate Translation Important?


Professional Death Certificate Translation

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As stated before, this can be both an important legal issue, as well as an emotionally trying one. Understanding who can translate death certificates successfully can mean the difference between months of waiting due to errors or an easy and relatively painless experience.


An accurate death certificate translation is often needed to settle the deceased’s estate when they have had residency or citizenship in multiple nations with different languages. These documents can also be necessary for the family’s immigration process.


For example, let’s say you have a death certificate in Spanish of a previous spouse. Many immigration requirements, especially those involving marrying a U.S. citizen, will require you to provide proof of your former spouse’s passing. The death certificate in Spanish will need to be translated into English, or whatever the native language of the destination country is. Alternatively, you may need to translate a death certificate from English into Spanish for the same reason. 


If you fail to provide the correct documents for such matters, you can expect considerable delays in the immigration process or outright denials.


Some other incidents where you will need to find someone who can translate death certificates accurately:


  • If you are submitting immigration application paperwork for your parents and one has passed away.
  • If you are submitting paperwork on behalf of family members like siblings or children, and they have had a spouse or child who has passed away.
  • Any paperwork that requires the status of familial members and such members are deceased. If the death certificate is in Spanish or a language other than the destination nation language, it will likely need to be translated.


3 Tips for Choosing a Death Certificate Translation Service


Death Certificate Translation Service

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Whether you have a death certificate in Spanish or want to translate a death certificate from English to Spanish or any other combination of languages, you need to make the right choice. We have covered the relevance and ramifications of choosing the wrong translation service, but how do you know a translation service is of the quality required? Here are three tips:

1. Look for a Certified Translation Agency
While the certifications may vary amongst different countries and regions, this is still one of the best ways to tell if a translation service has a base level of quality. Look for identifiers such as USCIS acceptance or certifications from other government or academic institutions like the American Translator’s Association. Be wary of offers like a free death certificate translation template. While a free death certificate translation template can be helpful, you will want to avoid the mistakes a professional simply won’t make.

2. Look for Recommendations
The only thing better than a certification is a recommendation. Many government and academic agencies will recommend translation services. When you are researching a translation service, see if they can tout these accolades.

3.Read the Reviews
In our digital world, there is no reason for a large agency not to compile reviews and critiques from past clients. Before you trust your personal documents and your family’s well-being to someone, see how others rate the experience.


How to Notarize a Death Certificate


Getting a death certificate notarized is another vital part of the process for being able to submit the document. Unlike most other types of legal documents, death certificates can only be notarized by “a custodian of vital records.” For example, in Kansas, birth/death certificates are certified by their Department of Health and Environment.


Getting a death certificate notarized is the first step of the translation process and should be done beforehand.


The tricky part is that you will have to have your translation notarized as well. This is typically done by having the translator issue a “Declaration and Certification of Interpreter/Translator”; the certificate is then signed by a notary. The issued Translation Certification will then be attached along with the other required documents when finally submitted.


Death Certificate Translation Can be Easy


A professional translation agency can make this process very simple when you know what to look for. The Spanish Group is a certified translation agency and has specialized in creating an easy and seamless translation process for all forms of legal documentation, including death certificates. Take some time to read the reviews and see why The Spanish Group should be your first choice for your sensitive and crucial translation service needs.