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  • Why Academic Translation Is Important

    Good translation is just as important in school as it is in business, medicine and legal matters.


    It is especially crucial for students or members of the academe whose places or scopes of study span international cultures and locations.


    Here are four specific reasons why professional and reliable academic translation is increasingly important.


    1. Translating resource materials. If your thesis or dissertation requires materials in a foreign language and a translated version is not available yet, getting professional academic translation is the best way to make sure you get accurate and reliable information. According to Alfonso Martinez, general manager of Spanish translation services provider The Spanish Group, it is important to choose a translator that specializes in the particular field you are studying. “Theories and formulas cannot be translated word-for-word. It requires a certain level of understanding to be able to express it in another language,” he added.


    1. Translating your academic paper. If you are submitting your paper to a foreign university or publication, or presenting it to an audience of international scholars, you’ll definitely need your work translated to ensure maximum understanding and appreciation. The advantage of hiring a professional translator for this is that the integrity of your paper is maintained, and all salient points are retained. A professional translator may not do direct translation on your academic paper but he/she will certainly make sure that the translation accurately represents your academic work.


    1. Translating creative work. For novelists and poets, translating their creative work opens up new opportunities and new markets. Professional academic translation allows them to expand their reach and perhaps even discover new influencers for their work.


    1. Translating official documents and certificates. One of the most common and basic uses of academic translation is for translating official academic documents and certificates such as transcript of records and diploma. Martinez said, “These documents require careful translation because even the slightest and seemingly irrelevant errors can derail the process.”


    In California, The Spanish Group is known for its fast, reliable and professional Spanish translation services. Martinez noted that The Spanish Group employs field specialists to ensure that academic translations are accurate and industry-specific jargons are properly translated.


    Aside from academic translations, the group also provides professional Spanish translation services for medical, legal and business documents including websites.


    Lorenzo Saavedra is a San Francisco-based Colombian writer. He has a degree in Journalism and Economics from the University of Miami where he graduated with Latin honors. He is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, and also speaks “some Arabic.”


    During his time in the university, he wrote about Cuban-American population and relations, and the incorporation of Cuban-Americans into mainstream American society.


    Lorenzo juggles his time between working as a freelance writer and travelling which is also a source of inspiration for many of his works. His favorite topics are politics and social issues, literary and film criticism, and business.


    Lorenzo enjoys going to the beach and learning about new languages.