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  • Top 10 Different Cultures Around the World

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    Globalization opened up the world and let people from different parts of the world enjoy what other cultures had to offer. People can learn different languages and assimilate different types of cultures in the world into their daily lives, thus creating a new way of doing things.


    Different cultures globally have specific ways of doing things that may seem strange to others. From a global perspective, there are traditional cultures that stand out because they have roots in ancient civilizations.


    So, what are cultural practices? Cultural practices are routine behaviors and values shared within a specific community. Examples of different cultures around the world that have captivated many include:


    1. The Italian Culture


    Italy, the land of pizza and Gelato held peoples’ interest in captivity for centuries. Known all over the world for renaissance art, the country receives an estimated 40 million tourists annually. Tourism numbers plummeted in 2020 due to the pandemic but there are plans to boost the industry as more people get shots against the virus.


    The Italians possess a rich culture in art, architecture, and cuisine. A popular tradition within the Italian culture includes incorporating music and dance in most of their activities whether in family celebrations, semi-formal events, or community festivals.


    2. The French


    The French have been around for millennia and their influence is traceable in history. To the world, the French culture includes good food, remarkable art, and beautiful locations. Ranking 2nd in cultures with the most influence, the French are known for their flair for romance.


    On top of that, the French established themselves as a fashion capital with many brand names like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Mugler, Chanel, etc. In a year, France receives as many as 90 million tourists as per information from 2019, thus indicating people’s strong interest in the French way of life.


    3. The Spaniards


    Ranking third on the list of different cultures is Spain, consisting of various independent nations. It is the fourth most visited country in the world and it too boasts of artistic heritage. Examples of cultural practices in Spain include the love of religious festivals and other cultural festivities.


    The Spaniards enjoy a good party zealously because the whole community gets involved. La Tomatina is a festival known worldwide where people throw tomatoes at each other for fun. Tourists love Spain and this is clear from the over 80 million people who visited the county in 2019.


    4. The Chinese


    The Chinese culture is among the oldest cultures around the world, hence its rich history and traditions. This interesting culture dating back thousands of years has a great influence on philosophy, etiquette, art, and moral values. The Chinese also present the world with unique architectural, political, and religious systems that distinguish it from other cultures.


    Unique qualities in Chinese cultural tradition examples include an emphasis on good family bonds and observing the hierarchy. Children are expected to be filial to their parents even in old age making sure they get everything they need. In the Chinese culture, people hold the elderly in high regard, therefore, there is no room for disrespect.


    5. The Land of the Free


    The United States brings together people of different nationalities and economic means. It has a large population and it is the center of the film and entertainment industry. Movies and music produced in Hollywood reach even the most remote corners of the world, hence stretching its influence everywhere.


    The people in the US have different cultural beliefs, examples include that everybody has individual rights and they should be respected regardless of their religion or race.


    6. The Second Most Populated Country


    After China, India is the most populated country with over 1.3 billion people. India is a diverse country with famous historical landmarks like the Taj Mahal and many more natural sceneries to behold. The country has people of various religions coexisting peacefully and it receives an estimated 19 million tourists annually.


    When you visit India the first thing you notice apart from the crowds of people is how spiritual and polite the people are. Indians believe in karma, which repays an individual according to their deeds.


    7. The United Kingdom


    People in the UK are proud of their work ethic, creativity, and innovativeness because they like to bring something new to the table. The UK, like the US, is a melting pot of cultures and it is known for lending the world the English language which has over 2billion speakers worldwide.


    The UK is not all drab, they have a thriving art scene that includes orchestra, new technology, and media. People worldwide have an interest in visiting the country as shown by 2020 tourist numbers of 9.7 million. The number could have been higher, if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.


    8. Greece


    The Grecians have influenced traditions around the world dating back to the 19th century. The Greek culture offered a solid foundation for politics, science, philosophy, and art. Did you know that Greece was the originator of democracy?


    People in Greece appreciate museums and theatres because they offer a distraction from the troubles of life. The Greek birthed the Olympic Games, which had a sporting impact on different types of cultures in the world. Before the pandemic, Greece received over 30million tourists due to beautiful islands like Santorini and historical sites such as the Acropolis of Athens.


    9. Mexico


    Mexicans are another culture full of color and festivities. Influenced by the Aztecs and the Mayans, the Mexican culture traces its roots to a blend of Spanish and other native cultures. They place added emphasis on the importance of family, observing religious festivities, and respect of elders.


    Mexicans wear bright clothing, enjoy lively music, and are fans of bull-fighting. Over 23 million people visited Mexico in 2020 to experience this exciting culture that enjoys spicy food.


    10. Swedish culture


    The Swedish culture is very generous compared to others in the world contributing at least 1% of its Gross National Product to humanitarian activities. Sweden by landmass is among the more extensive countries in the European Union. The Nordic state offers advanced technology, quality public services, and lovely green sceneries. They also have a deeply ingrained coffee culture known as Fika that permits people to relax on their coffee breaks with friends or family.


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