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  • Immigrants Are Bringing Gold for the U.S. in the Winter Olympics


    The immigrants brought the gold home for the United States Olympic Team. The gloves used for the opening ceremony were meme worthy and there were numerous sensational wins on the halfpipe. The Winter Olympics of 2018 started with a major bang for Team USA. The earliest victories of the South Korea games in the Pyeongchang could not have happened without the complete group of 242 Americans with real talent. This included several athletes that were a part of the immigration system of the United States. These athletes are competing for the gold for the United States.


    This is not just occurring in the United States. There are countries from all across the globe benefiting from welcoming immigration policies. Approximately 178 Olympians or six percent of the athletes in the 2018 games were not born in the country they are competing for. Athletes are representing twelve countries despite their being born elsewhere. This includes Thailand, Bermuda, Tonga and Nigeria.


    Maame Biney is one of these amazing athletes. She was only five years old when she left Ghana to immigrate to the United States. This is the first time the United States speed skating team has had a black woman. Viewers have been absolutely stunned by her extraordinary agility while on the ice. When Maame Biney first came to the United States she originally tried out for ice skating. A coach told her she belonged in speed skating. Even when she was just a little girl she was far too fast to be an ice skater. Her success with Team USA proves she was meant to be a speed skater.


    Chloe Kim is another immigrant competing for Team USA. As a gold medalist in snowboarding she is one of the earliest favorites for the American team. In 1982 her father immigrated to the United States from South Korea. All he possessed was a Korean-English dictionary and $300. He did not have a college degree and spoke very little English. He came in the pursuit of finding a better life for his family. On Monday Chloe Kim won her first gold medal. She spoke of the hardship faced by her father when he decided to immigrate to the United States. She said the reason he chased his dream and left his life behind was because of her love for her sport. She additionally spoke of her gratitude to her family and said they were the reason she won the gold medal.


    It seems ironic so many of the United States athletes are either an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. President Trump has proposed a new system based on merit. Many of these exceptional athletes would have been barred from immigrating to the United States under this system. This means they would not be competing for Team USA. There is no doubt there is currently a lot of hostility directed at immigrants. The Olympics should remind everyone of the importance of keeping the immigration system welcoming in the United States.


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