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  • Which One is Best: In-house or Localized Translation & Localization


    If you are in the need of language translation, it can often be a very tough choice to pick the right provider of language translation services. But, this decision can have a serious impact on your ability to do business internationally or even within your own city. Many businesses think that having a Spanish translator in house is a great option because it allows them to have access to a translator on demand. The truth is that it's often better to outsource that task to another Spanish translation services firm. Let’s see why:


    1. Huge Team Of Experts Required If Done In House


    The true challenge of translation is that there are many different experts involved in the process. Each of these experts costs a significant amount of money to the company. At a minimum, a proofreader and a translator are required to complete the project. There may also be a project manager involved to ensure that the project stays on task.


    2. Project Will Be Handled Start To Finish By Translation Firm


    The great thing about outsourcing the project to a translation firm is that the project will be handled from start to finish by the translation company. This means that the company you hire is focused on having the right experts in place for your translation need. The translator, editor, and project managers will all be on board to ensure that the project gets completed properly.


    3. Translation Project Costs Very Predictable With Translation Firm


    Translation companies charge on a per-word basis. This allows you to be able to easily predict the cost of the translation project. All of the costs of translation will be factored in with the final cost. You also have the benefit of knowing when you will be able to expect a finished project. When you are working with an in-house team of people, there are many different factors which can derail the translation project.


    4. Translation Service Firms Ensure Quality Translations


    An outsourced translation firm is also there to ensure that a quality translation is done. There are plenty of people who can serve as a second set of eyes when you are working with an outsourced translation firm. This prevents many of the mistakes which can slip through the cracks when you're working with an in-house team.


    5. Localization Step Also Required During Translation


    Translation also includes a localization step. This ensures that you're communicating the message of your brand appropriately within the culture you are targeting. This is another service a translation agency can provide as there will be natives of that culture working within the firm who can provide localization services for you.


    6. Make The Best Decision For Your Business


    The appropriate way to choose Spanish translation services is through working with a top-quality translation firm. You'll be able to benefit from lower costs and fewer management hassles. You could decide to go with an in-house team and have the process take longer than you would have expected. If you want to get localized translation, get a free price quote now!