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  • How Business Translation Can Help You Market to New Audiences

    Certified TranslationHiring A Spanish Translator Could Greatly Improve Your Business

    Have you ever thought about expanding your business into an untapped customer base? Of course, you have. This is the dream of every business owner, whether managing a behemoth or a small startup. You may have also wondered how such a goal is possible? With all the expense on marketing and advertising, yet the return on investment seems to be treading water. Well, there is a solution that you may have overlooked: hiring a certified Spanish translator or translating into one of the other 90 languages The Spanish Group covers.

    Move Away from English and into the World

    Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. There are over 430 million native speakers across Europe, Latin America, and the United States. In fact, more than 40 million of those speakers live in the United States alone. That’s a lot of customers that you may have missed out on. Because of the importance of the Spanish language, you should definitely consider producing content these possible customers could understand. But don’t stop at Spanish!   Russian and Chinese are also extremely important languages on the Internet. Over 60 percent of Russians use the Internet every day! That’s a world of untapped potential. And there are over 800 million users in China! Don’t neglect India and the Middle East, either. If you want customers, speak their language!

    Grow Your Business with Translation

    You may have assumed that your primary customer base understands English to some degree or has a relative that can help them find whatever they are looking for. This is not always the case. Even if it were so, many impulse buyers become longtime customers. Through a strong dedication to producing Spanish content, you could find yourself pulling in people who may have stumbled upon your page when looking for something else or finding Internet surfers who had their questions answered on your site taking the next step and becoming customers.   All it could take to grow your business into its next stratosphere is a little dedication to the concept and placing your trust in our highly trained and motivated certified Spanish translator team.

    Only Consider Professional Translators!

    Translating content takes a much more nuanced approach than having a bilingual employee on your team take care of adapting the content. It is also way more advanced than running your product information or company profile through a translation application and simply posting the output. Translation is a skill that requires precision, cultural awareness, and strong attention to detail.   Imagine if you were to find a product that you wanted and scrolled down to read the product description. Now, imagine if it was poorly written, had sentences in backward grammar, was full of misspelled or misused words. Would you buy this product? Probably not. Next, imagine further if the description also had an offensive word that you were sure did not belong. You would probably never look at that company’s page or products ever again.   This is the dilemma you could find yourself in if you don’t give translation the attention it deserves. Quality work requires highly trained personnel who know the details of both languages. More than this, the translators must know when to use a literal, word-for-word approach and when to adjust the terms so that it makes sense to the intended audience. Even more importantly, the translator must also have their eyes on the ground so their work is aligned with the languages’ current trends of usage and terminology.