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  • A Travel Checklist for Every Parent

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    Kids can drive you crazy when it’s time to pack for a vacation. While packing may seem to be the easiest part of a holiday plan, everything else is no less than a challenge when traveling with kids.


    Keep this Travel Checklist handy. Here is the download link - Every Mom’s Travel Checklist.
    So stop worrying about traveling right, and keep this checklist handy (Get it printed or framed, if you want to).
    Here’s the download link - Every Mom’s Travel Checklist


    How To Get Your Kids To Help
    There is a genius way of getting your kids to help with the travel preps.
    Simply ask them to pick out 5 of their favorite clothes, depending on the number of nights you plan to spend there.
    Make sure you are overseeing them while they pick the outfits. If they pick something unsuitable, explain them why this is not perfect for the place they are going to. The logic should help them learn a lot of things.


    If they don’t understand and start acting up, just tell them they won’t be getting their favorite snack at the vacation. This hack works every time for most of the parents like us.


    Packing Essentials Like Medicine
    When traveling with kids, remember to pack all the essential medicines. There is no point in packing a whole box of medicines when you can carry the pills you need in a handy pill box. These tiny space-savers are easily available on Amazon for $5.
    Label these boxes with the medicine name , and voilà! You are all set with some sneaky space saving and easy-to-locate pills. You can also color code them if you want to.
    We went the extra mile and printed a travel medication logo label. You can print these medication logos from here.

    Important Note: Always carry Prescription Medicine in the Original Bottle. The prescription name should match yours, or the airport security might ask you to dispose it off or it might be confiscated.
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    This blog post is part of a blog collaboration between The Spanish Group and Kate Hickey of the travel blog 'Hickeys Everywhere.' Thanks for reading.