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Virginia on being a language tutor

As a Spanish learning organization, OC Spanish takes pride in its unorthodox and yet highly effective method of instruction.Instead of the traditional classroom set-up, the company focuses on the flexibility of the learner, adjusting to the student’s pace, experience with the language, and even to their preferred schedule and venue.OC Spanish also takes special care in hiring its teachers and tutors.


General manager Alfonso explains, “We don’t just hire someone who speaks the language. Teaching and tutoring experience is important. Our rigorous application process is one of the reasons why we have some of the best Spanish teachers and language tutors in town.”

One of those is Argentina-born Virginia. A teacher with 18 years of experience under her belt, Virginia has taught the Hispanic language for six and a half years both privately and in groups. Not one to rest on her laurels, she continues to sharpen her expertise in the language even though she is, herself, a native speaker.

“I continue to take courses that focus on Spanish such as Journalism at UCLA Extension, and preparing classes, and adapting curriculums to different lessons and necessities,” Virginia said. “I teach all different levels from beginners to advanced students, and AP students too.”

Aside from being a language tutor and a teacher, Virginia also does translations and proofreading from English to Spanish.

Brand of teaching


As a teacher, Virginia uses different resources for her lessons. “I love speaking to my students,” she said. “During sessions, we focus on various aspects of the language to make sure that the learning is not merely academic. We focus on pronunciation, fluency, grammar and orthography, among other things.”

As in new beginnings, one of the major challenges of a teacher with a beginner Spanish language student is pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses. As Virginia explained, the goal is always to “maximize the strengths and improve the weaknesses.”

In her 18 years of teaching, the veteran educator and language tutor shared that one of her most memorable experiences is with two senior citizens who wanted to learn Spanish. “After I stopped my classes with them, they were speaking Spanish fluently. They can now converse about the news, about the different books that they’ve read and about their feelings. To a teacher, that is always the most amazing reward,” she said.

She also noted that the “best results” always come from the most dedicated students. Virginia added, “It’s a two-way relationship. I give them my best as a teacher but they also have to reciprocate it with focus and dedication. Students who come in with enthusiasm and are persevering are those that make progress and reach their goals fastest.”

Benefit from the best

According to Ordorica, OC Spanish students not only benefit from a customized learning curriculum but more importantly, gain much from the extensive and intensive experience of its language tutors and teachers.

He added, “We invite interested Spanish learners to join us and to develop their grasp of the language from real experts. With passionate and seasoned teachers like Virginia, learning Spanish will be a pleasant and productive experience.”

OC Spanish recently opened its very own headquarters located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. The company is also expanding its service reach to San Diego which will include translation, tutorial and language services for all levels.

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