Spanish Interpreter Series: The Business Interpreter

In our final post for the Spanish interpreter series, we’ll delve into the professional life of a Spanish business interpreter.With globalization opening the virtual doors to business opportunities abroad, communicating effectively in a foreign language has never been more important. As such, the role of a business interpreter is crucial in ensuring that no message is lost in interpretation because in business, mistakes can be costly.

The Hispanic market is one of the major international markets in the world especially in the US, and a Spanish business interpreter is always an added value to any business.

A business interpreter may work in any aspect of the business as needed, and as such, must have specialized knowledge and training of each field. Part of the work will sometimes involve acting as escort interpreter who accompanies a person or a delegation on a tour, meeting or interview.

A business interpreter might also be asked to interpret in small-scale business meetings or gatherings such as seminars, workshops, visits or interviews. He/She might also be called in to assist a company’s in-house customer support team to facilitate communication with a foreign client.

A business interpreter must also be sensitive of cultural traditions and customs because he/she will act as the “bridge” between the guest and the client.

As in other types of interpreters, a college degree and field specialized certifications are minimum requirements.

 Spanish Services in San Diego

The Spanish Group general manager Salvador Ordorica noted that business interpreting is one of the group’s most popular services for corporate clients.“Spanish to English and English to Spanish interpretations are our niche so our staff is really composed of native speakers with field relevant expertise. It shows in the quality of our work,” he added.

For those who want to learn to speak Spanish in San Diego and Orange County, Spanish Group is a Spanish learning center known for its highly effective method of teaching which focuses on the learner’s pace, preferred style and language acquisition. The group offers Spanish lessons and tutorials for students and professionals; and interpreting and translating services for both private and corporate clients.


The Spanish Group’s interpreting service in San Diego and Orange County includes on-site interpreting, telephonic interpreting and transcriptions.“Spanish is a language on the rise, and we have the resources and the experts to help learners rise up to that challenge,” Ordorica said.

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