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Frequent travelers know that aside from essential traveling supplies, packing additional language skills is also a vital aspect of visiting a foreign country.

Knowing the native tongue can help travelers get good bargains when shopping, interact better with locals and discourage the shady ones who might want to take advantage of an unsuspecting tourist.

In the case of Spanish, the ability to converse in the Hispanic tongue is immensely useful in 20 countries all over the world, and will surely come in handy when speaking to the more than 38 million people who speak the language.

Spanish lessons are not just for formal usage in school and in business,” OC Spanish general manager Salvador Ordorica said. “We have a lot of clients who get into Spanish lessons because they travel a lot and they’ve realized how extremely valuable it is to learn the language.”

Whether it’s for a business trip to Argentina or to explore the culinary and cultural offerings of Spain, here are some basic and practical Spanish sentences for travelers.

1. Where is the bus terminal/taxi lane?

¿Dónde está el carril de autobús? ¿Dónde puedo encontrar taxis?

2. I need to go to a money changer.

Necesito cambiar mi dinero.

3. How do I get to ____?

¿Cómo llego a ____?

4. I would like to buy a ticket to ____.

Yo quisiera comprar un boleto por ____.

5. What time does the bus leave? 

¿A qué hora sale el autobús?

6. How much is a ticket to ___?/How much is the fare?

¿Cuánto cuesta un boleto para ____?

7. I would like a one-way/round trip ticket to ___.

Yo quisiera un boleto de ____
a. one way – ida
b. round trip – ida y vuelta

8. I would like to get off now.

Déjame aquí.

9. (For riding in taxis) Can we use your meter?

¿Podríamos usar su taxímetro?

10. Please take me to the nearest bank/hospital.

Por favor llévame al banco (bank)/hospital más cerca.

Practical Spanish lessons

California-based Spanish learning company OC Spanish specializes in Spanish lessons that are tailor fit to the learner’s pace, experience with the language and even preferred schedule and venue. The company is also known for its highly skilled team of language tutors, teachers and translators who are carefully selected based on extensive speaking and teaching capabilities.

Ordorica added, “At OC Spanish, we focus on making our Spanish lessons fun and functional for our students. In that way, the learning process is natural and therefore, more effective.”

Only a year since it started operations, OC Spanish now has its own headquarters located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. The company also services the San Diego area with language offerings such as translation, tutorial and lessons for all levels.

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