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Is Your Spanish Translation Service Certified?

  Translation services are needed for a number of different industries. The legal system, real estate brokers and any corporation working with overseas clients are a few examples of the people looking for translators. Even medical centers rely on this type of service to ensure patients are getting the care they need and that they […]

4 Top Reasons Why Human Translators Are Better Than Translation Tools

Perhaps it is the laziness of humankind or the loneliness; that drives us to create a machine that can read a text or listen to a speech and then audibly translate it to another language. However, translating the spoken or written word from one language to another is even more challenging. English is a compilation […]

4 Qualities of a good English to Spanish Translation Service

  There are four qualities you must consider when searching for an English to Spanish translation service. They are are not limited to, but must include the following attributes.   * CLEAR AND CONCISE When using any translation service, the last thing you want is to receive confusing responses. If you are in a foreign […]

Museos Latinoamericanos Que Hay Que Visitar

La cultura latinoamericana ha expandido su geografía para influenciar a otras culturas y demostrar que su arte es único e incomparable. Con la ayuda de las nuevas tecnologías, la educación y la información están a disposición de cualquier persona, pero la posibilidad de viajar por el mundo es el factor principal que ha incentivado la […]

5 Things to Focus On While Translating English to Spanish

When you are translating English to Spanish, there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. In fact, there are five tips that can save you a lot of headaches down the road. By following these steps, you can translate more accurately and it might help you prevent making some potentially […]