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Algo está cambiando en Latinoamérica

Latinoamérica Y Sus Acontecimientos Políticos De Los Últimos Tiempos   La actualidad política de Latinoamérica ha estado bastante agitada durante el último período. Las noticias sobre acontecimientos políticos y sociales en la región no dejan de aparecer semana tras semanas, y no siempre son situaciones alentadoras para los ciudadanos. Si bien, todos los países del […]

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Fail

It is probably easier than ever to start a business today. In fact, new ones are being started every day – and new ones are failing just as often, too. Even some of those well-known companies are disappearing from sight or downsizing. Before starting a new company, it is important to understand why companies fail. […]

Quick and Easy Latin-American Recipes

The first thing we ever do when we travel to new places is to satisfy one of our pleasures in life: Eating! Most people love eating and consider it something very special. Even if we are in our own countries, today it is very common to find exotic restaurants, or restaurants from different parts of […]

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Overview of Immigration Process to The United States

The American dream and way of life remains an attractive goal for many around the world. Over the last years, the immigration processes to the United States became more stringent, but surprisingly the immigration rate has actually increased. In order to begin immigration to America the application process begins in your country of residence and […]

Medical Spanish Translation

Medical Translations 101

Among the different kinds of translation services available, medical translations are, perhaps, among the least familiar. It is primarily because this kind of service is highly specialized, and is often requested only by relevant organizations.   Today, let’s delve into the clinical world of medical translations and answer some frequently asked questions.   What documents […]