Legal Translation Complexities That Only A Professional Translation Service Understands

  English to Spanish Translations present a challenge to legal translators. There exist in the Spanish language certain grammatical moods, idiomatic expressions, and word definitions that don’t have direct translations. In these instances, the legal translator must weigh the original intent of the speaker or writer and then choose the most appropriate phrasing in Spanish […]

Top 8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Translation Service

  In recent years, the translation industry has been growing significantly, and there are many ways that documents can be translated now. Are you looking to translate a document for the first time? Not sure where to start? Here are the top 8 things to consider when choosing a translation service (and why we excel […]

5 Reasons to Get Your Blog Professionally Translated

As every blogger already knows, reaching your audience is not always an easy task. So many requirements need to be met to make the reader wanting to enter the blog and above all, to keep the reader till the end of the article. There are many ways to allure readers including catchy titles, promoting on social […]

Hire A Professional Translation Service To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

A professional translation service will enhance your marketing efforts. Whether you are forging a business liaison with foreign clients, generating marketing material to be read worldwide, drafting an instructional manual, or opening a branch abroad, here at The Spanish Group we offer superior-quality written Business Translation Services. Overcoming Common Global Marketing Translation Challenges We believe […]

Translation Tips To Enhance Your Content Quality

The goal to make a mark in the global marketplace makes translation important for a business. A good translation will help your business garner the attention of the local and national audience, while a bad one will tarnish your reputation. Translation can help you reach out to a wider base of customers from across the […]

Importance Of Certified Translation Services For Immigrants

  Are you an immigrant planning to apply for citizenship or naturalization in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?   Are your original documents drafted in a language different than English?   Unless you hold an unparalleled proficiency in English, a document so critical should only be translated by a professional and certified translation […]

Medical Translation Challenges And How To Overcome Them

  Importance of Translation in the Medical Industry   Finding certified translation services near me can be a challenge. This is especially true when translations in very specialized fields are needed. Good medical translators are hard to find because so much expertise is required in order to translate medical documents. However, medical translation plays a […]

What are the Romance Languages?

    We’re going WAY back for a history lesson today about some of the most well-known languages on Earth.   Latin was the language of the Roman Empire, but the classical Latin that was written was never the language of daily life. It was typically used for writings and formal documents within the Empire. […]

Top Ten Tips for Visiting Peru

An absolute must-see of a country, Peru is known for its incredible beauty, kind people and phenomenal food (and yes, that even includes guinea pig). But, planning a trip to a foreign country can be daunting, especially if you aren’t completely familiar with the language. To help you out, we’ve put together our top ten […]

Website Translation Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Business

Denying the importance of conducting business online is a major mistake as is assuming that an international presence doesn’t matter. In order to stay competitive, reaching a wider audience is a goal that you should set for your company. One of the ways in which to accomplish this goal is to employ appropriate translation services. […]