Why Quality And Translations Should Go Hand In Hand?

The Importance of High-Quality Levels in Translation Businesses rely heavily on appearance. Whether you’re showing up for a job interview or trying to close a deal, the way you come off will stick in your interviewer or potential business partner’s mind. What backs up a quality appearance is quality service and quality products, to the […]

When Translations Go Wrong

  Many people have tried online computer translations when researching a word or phrase. The results can be very entertaining. This is because computer translations really lack clarity and finesse. It will be a long time before they become reliable the way most human translators are. Below are some classic examples. We hope these were […]

How To Get Certified Translations in 90+ Language

  The Spanish Group is the world’s leading certified translation services company with services available in over 90+ languages! We provide top-notch efficacy and linguistic accuracy while also being among the most cost-effective on the market. We stand out from the competition because of our exhaustive quality control and strict privacy procedures. No matter what […]

How Business Translation Can Help You Market To New Audiences

  Hiring A Spanish Translator Could Greatly Improve Your Business   Have you ever thought about expanding your business into an untapped customer base? Of course, you have. This is the dream of every business owner, whether managing a behemoth or a small startup. You may have also wondered how such a goal is possible? […]

Dealing With Legal Documents in a Foreign Language? Always Get Certified Legal Translations

  In the 21st century, growing a business typically requires interaction with another culture and language. While only the most successful companies became international in the past, today’s technological advancements allow even the smallest companies to operate across borders. Despite being a great opportunity for growth and future success, this international growth comes with unique […]

Why Subject-Matter Expertise Matters For Translation Jobs

   Languages are a living thing. They change directions and evolve meanings from day to day, conversation to conversation, almost as much as human beings do. When it comes to people, we assume each individual person is different, a singular being that’s difficult to understand without time and effort put into knowing them. If we […]

Engage With a Global Market: Translate Your Blogs for a Broader Reach

  Those who cannot adapt to a global age are doomed to become obsolete. Even though the world’s become as interconnected as it is, it’s hard to remember that your audience is now a global one. It’s entirely possible that your top readers might not even be in the same country you’re putting out content […]

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What Languages Are In High Demand For Translators?

    Translation services are becoming an increasingly utilized tool in the 21st century. As technology and means of travel advance, foreign countries are metaphorically getting closer and closer together. Companies are beginning to sell their products abroad and need to tap into a market that speaks a different language. Tech companies are launching new […]