Why Subject-Matter Expertise Matters For Translation Jobs

   Languages are a living thing. They change directions and evolve meanings from day to day, conversation to conversation, almost as much as human beings do. When it comes to people, we assume each individual person is different, a singular being that’s difficult to understand without time and effort put into knowing them. If we […]

Engage With a Global Market: Translate Your Blogs for a Broader Reach

  Those who cannot adapt to a global age are doomed to become obsolete. Even though the world’s become as interconnected as it is, it’s hard to remember that your audience is now a global one. It’s entirely possible that your top readers might not even be in the same country you’re putting out content […]

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What Languages Are In High Demand For Translators?

    Translation services are becoming an increasingly utilized tool in the 21st century. As technology and means of travel advance, foreign countries are metaphorically getting closer and closer together. Companies are beginning to sell their products abroad and need to tap into a market that speaks a different language. Tech companies are launching new […]

The Issue of Mistranslation and Other Translation Challenges

    The Translation Faux Pas   Translation is a combination of hearing various types of languages and the culture behind it. Even the most experienced translator can run into challenges! Not only are translators versed in multiple languages, but they also must understand the social factors in the translation of the parties involved in […]

Why Translations Ensure Effective Marketing Communication Of Your Brand Overseas?

  Introduction   The internet and the advancements in technology have revolutionized how different business operations. As a result, many companies have expanded their operations into the international markets. However, there are many challenges associated with globalization. One of the main problems is the language barrier, and this has negative consequences on the performance of […]

Top 8 Reasons Not to Use Google Translate

At The Spanish Group, we understand that the lure of Google Translate or other online translation programs can often seem more appealing than professional translation services—of course, it’s free! Ironically, Google Translate’s free service comes at a price. Is it worth it to save a little bit of money if your end translation project will […]

Some Useful Tips for Freelance Translators

    Some Useful Tips for Freelance Translators Translation services are in growing demand as business becomes more international. Companies and individuals are coming into contact with people who don’t share a similar language and must find a way to communicate. More and more professional translators are being hired to help with this dilemma. The […]

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Planning to expand internationally? Why consider hiring a translator service

    Planning to expand internationally? Why consider hiring a translator services   International business translation services are a great way to help ease the transition process for companies looking to move abroad. These translation services online are an easy and affordable way to make a real difference in a new international branch. Here are […]